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3GPP. 3GPP TS V (). 2. Release 6. Keywords. UMTS, Network, IP, SIP, SDP, multimedia, GSM. 3GPP. Postal address. Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 31) for 3GPP TS – IP multimedia call control protocol based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session. Status of approval: 3GPP TS V () approved on ‑09‑ 3. Justification for the specific reference: Explains the concept of SIP preconditions.

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Lower Layers for Satellite standard”. The SDF functions in two modes:.

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The possibilities are infinite and there is no end to the practical use cases around policy control and charging. Please enter your e-mail to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Clear description of the referenced document:. Hence, legacy IPTV middleware has been broken into two components: The above document cannot be formally referenced until it is published as an RFC. Overview and System Level specification”. To avoid this situation, or to atleast improve upon this condition — it is necessary for the operator to introduce various avenues of network intelligence.


Not for the weak at heart. Similarly, set top boxes can also be used for uploading photos to popular services such as Flickr. A series of cameras can be connected to the STB over WiFi that cover the entire house and its compounds.

ITU-T A.5 reference justification

Relationship with 24.29 existing or emerging documents: Any explicit references within that referenced document should also be listed: Refactoring of the abnormal exception handling use cases at the UE when it receives error response. This site uses cookies. Venkatesh Sundaresan on Telecommunications for Dummies….

Other for any supplementary information:. Basic and Digest Access Authentication”.

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Some changes given below can even force you to modify some of your use cases. However, the content is provisioned from the OSS infrastructure. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Check whether the IP address given there differs from the source IP from where the packet was originally received. BSS is also used for partner management for 3rd party IPTV content, executing settlements with content partners as well as generating business intelligence reports.


However, it is required that these are also inlcluded in the scope of VoLTE. Justification for the specific reference:.

This knowledge can be leveraged upon to provide 2.4229 customer with new plans and offers based on policy control and QoS. So this postulate needs to be re-implemented.

These two nodes ensure that policy rules can be defined, controlled and enforced in all sessions. Committed to connecting the world.

Clear description of the referenced document: Recent standardization trends have shown that there is greater cohesion between policy awareness and the way we charge the customer. Policy control also provides a unique opportunity for personalization. Relationship with other existing or emerging documents:.

Removal of procedures at the UE that needed a check for Retry-After header for re-attempts for Registration.