Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur. 7. .. basis of subject and syllabus contents of his / her previous semester Logging In and Logging Out, Anatomy of Linux OS, Directory Structure, /usr Directory, File Types: . Software Engineering- Sommerville, 7th edition, Pearson education. 7th semester Electrical Engineering Syllabus RTMNU: file/d/0B-K5orfDlo5eb2NDRURBTF9sSUk/edit?usp=sharing. (VLSI) of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University as I am planning to get admission in this CSE 6th Sem Syllabus Nagpur University.

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Nagpur Centres

Evaluating computer forensic tool needs, computer forensic software Tools, computer forensic hardware tools, validating and testing forensic software Text Books: Summary and reference systems, finding new type of data online. Advantages of expert system, structure of Rule based expert system, characteristics of conventional system and expert system.

Definition, motives, and classification of cyber crimes. Alfred Aho, Ravi Sethi, J. First Semester Syllabus All Branches.

Mechanical Engineering Ebooks Download/ Mechanical Engineering Notes |

Computer Forensics Evidence Capture: Biological data types and their special requirements: Introduction to FFT algorithm: Knowledge acquisition methods, knowledge engineering process, goals in knowledge system development, basic architecture of expert filety;e, problem domain versus knowledge domain, Development of ES and life cycle of ES. Compilers and translators, structure of realistic compiler, types of compilers, cross compiler, Bootstrapping, Compiler writing tools, Design of Lexical Analyzer, FLEX tool, Parser generator tool: Business Intelligence and Big Data: System Infrastructure, Traditional paradigms for distributed computing, Web Services, Grid standards: Client server testing, Web application testing and Mobile application testing, fire view of software quality, ISO quality characteristics, ISO Koegel Buford Reference Books: Network Security practices, authentication applications-Kerberos, x.


The Basics of Digital Forensics: Kakde, 4th Edition, University Science Press. Systems approach in biology, Central dogma of molecular biology, problems in molecular approach and the bioinformatics approach, Overview of the bioinformatics applications.

Data Flow and System Integration Testing: Power Series expansion, Partial fraction Expansion methodcausality and rrmnu. Error Detection And Recovery: Introduction to Mobile Computing: Representation of patterns and relationships: Apriori Algorithm, Generating Association rules from Frequent Item sets, mining various kinds of association rules. Kataria and Sons, N.

Software Testing Tools by Dr. Storage Allocation And Error Handling: Preserving the digital crime scene computer evidence processing steps, legal aspects of collecting and preserving computer forensic evidence, Computer Forensics Analysis and Validation: Fundamentals of System Integration: Types of interfaces and interface errors, System integration testing, Software and Hardware integration, Test plan, Off-the shelf component integration and testing.

Introduction of Data Mining: Need of Testing, Basic concepts-errors, faults, defects,failures, objective of testing, central issue in testing, Testing activities, V-Model, Sourcesof information for test cases, Monitoring and Measuring Test Execution, Test tools andAutomation, Limitation of Testing.

Network forensics overview, performing live acquisitions, developing standard procedures for network forensics, using network tools UNIT III: Data and File Format Standards: System Test Categories and Test Design: Breadth-first search, Depth-first search, Comparing uniformed search techniques. Exploring the role of e-mail in investigations, exploring the roles of the client and server in e-mail, investigating e-mail crimes and violations, understanding e-mail servers, using specialized e-mail forensic tools, Cell phone and mobile device forensics: Mobility Management and Control: A Practical Approach by J.

  6ES7 241-1AH30-0XB0 PDF

Introduction Data flow testing, Data flow graph, Data flow testing criteria, Comparison of Data flow test selection criteria.

Syllabus: RTMNU BE Electrical: Syllabus: Electrical Engineering Nagpur University

Basic concepts of Testing: Identifying digital evidence, collecting evidence in private sector incident scenes, processing law enforcement crime scenes, preparing for a search securing a computer incident or crime scene, seizing digital evidence at the scene, storing digital evidence, obtaining a digital hash, reviewing a case UNIT V: Aho, Sethi and Ullman, Addiison Wesley. Introduction to Data Warehousing: WAP model, architecture, wireless datagram protocol, wireless transaction protocol, wireless session protocols.

Computational representations of molecular biological data storage techniques: Evolving Technologies For Multimedia Systems: Grid Scheduling and Resource Management: Mining Frequent Patterns and Association: Data recovery defined, data backup and recovery, the role of backup in data recovery, the data recovery solution Evidence Collection and Data Seizure: Processing Crime and Incident Scenes: The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University.