Presentation on theme: “A Gift of Fire Third edition Sara Baase”— Presentation transcript: 1 A Gift of Fire Third edition Sara Baase Chapter 2: Privacy Original. 1 A Gift of Fire Third edition Sara Baase Chapter 4: Intellectual Property Original Slides prepared by Cyndi Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use. 3 Hacking Hacking – currently defined as to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file, computer, or network The term has changed over time Phase 1: early.

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Some countries do not recognize or protect intellectual property Countries that have high piracy rates often do not have a significant software industry Many countries that have a high amount of piracy are exporting the pirated copies to countries with strict copyright laws Many countries with high piracy rates do not have a significant software industry. Tracking number will be provided. Computer Security Risks 2. Privacy-enhancing technologies for consumers New applications of technology often can solve problems that arise as side effects of technology.

Hacktivism, or Political Hacking: Against software patents Patents can stifle innovation, rather than encourage it. Also known as Data Privacy or Data Protection Is the relationship between collection and spreading or exposing data and information. Used texts may not contain supplemental items such as CDs, info-trac etc We think you have liked this presentation. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Ideas from the software industries Some companies sold programs that deactivate the built-in copy protections on other programs.


Revenue sharing allows content-sharing sites to allow the posting of content and share their ad revenues with content owners in compensation. Ethical Arguments About Copying: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Four factors considered 1. Patents on Web Technologies: Catching and Punishing Hackers 5. What are some common elements of privacy policies you have read? Government and private databases Thousands of databases containing personal information about us.

Expedited shipments will be received in business days within the United States. Copying software used to be common practice. Some companies buy numerous domain names containing their name so others cannot use them Does trademark violation claims interfere with freedom of speech? Her computer science textbooks have been translated into Sapnish, Japanese, Edtion, Chinese, and Korean.

Requesting information under false pretenses Bribery of employees who have access Except for hackers, these are not new to computer technology.

All Rights Reserved W. DRM is sometimes ineffective! It was popular exition had millions of users.

Gift Of Fire, A

It originally referred to a device that recorded the numbers called from a phone. Encryption Information sent to and sarx websites can be intercepted.

This approach threatens innovation. Software Quality Assurance Daniel Galin. Primary Data Secondary Data: Ethics and Privacy Tech Guide: Many computer scientists see all algorithms as mathematical formulas.

Privacy is distinct and needs its own protection. Grokster, people who wanted to operate legitimate businesses providing music realized they had to: Many court decisions since Warren and Brandeis article, have taken their point of view. Some people do not know or understand enough how the web works in order to make good decisions about what to put there.


Givt updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies, this book will help readers understand and evaluate the crucial issues they will face as technology professionals, users, and citizens.

Introduction It is clear that we as consumers and entrepreneurs cannot expect complete privacy when discussing business matters.

A Gift of Fire Sara Baase Chapter 1: Unwrapping the Gift Third edition

Were any of them deceptive? Do you think hiring former hackers to enhance security is a good idea or a bad idea? Intellectual Property n Based on What type of electronic communications do you use on a regular basis? Responses to Identity Theft: Nintendo – Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

Published by Felix Banks Modified over 3 years ago. Catching and Punishing Hackers: International Edition Sara Baase Paperback. In response to search queries, search engines display copies of text excerpts from web sites and copies from images and videos. Laws of nature and mathematical formulas cannot be patented. Search query data dire be subpoenaed in court.

Baase offers thoughtful, in-depth coverage – and diverse viewpoints – on issues ranging from privacy to hacking, censorship to piracy of music and movies, social networking to computer crime. Will parents rely more on gadgets than sar talking to their children? Data collected for one purpose will find other uses.