A Lifetime of Secrets has ratings and reviews. Jim said: This is why I’m a poor man.I never get ideas like this! Imagine a scheme in which y. Buy A Lifetime of Secrets: A Postsecret Book 01 by Frank Warren (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book First Edition (1in number line) by Frank Warren (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low .

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But now that First of all, this book is absolutely beautiful. Lists with This Book. I have not shared this secret with my brother. Nov 27, Hannah rated it really liked it.

I’d check out postsecret if you haven’t already.

Each year I am more disappointed it isn’t true. I only had slot machine tokens, but I tried For the next hour, the postcards circulated and were read silently multiple times. I believed in fidelity and have been faithful to my husband. I feel a little guilty counting this as a book read, as it was put out with a minimum of effort by the write This is why I’m a poor man To view it, click here.

A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren | LibraryThing

Completely understood that one. I will definitely check out his other stuff and have subscribed to his blog. I wish I could apologize to my younger brother for the way I treated him growing up. Still doesn’t prevent my enjoyment of them, however! People write them down on a postcard and submit them – this book is all of their secrets.


It’s worth the couple of hours it will take to look it over. A Lifetime of Secrets lays bare our private fears, hopes, regrets, and desires, from people as young as eight and as old as eighty. I can’t say this was my favorite read ever, but it was relatively fun liffetime flip through and brought lietime back to the early days of the blogosphere when this kind of thing seemed pretty special and subversive. I tried to explain how the thousands of secrets that had been mailed to me were more than mere confessions.

I love that it’s arranged in chronological age order.

A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book

Hopefully it won’t go the same way as the “This I Believe” essay project, which has suddenly become an anathema after being thought of as booi “neat”, original idea for English teachers! Now, in his most extraordinary lieftime yet, Warren again delves into our collective confessions, presenting a never-before-seen selection of provocative and moving PostSecrets.

Others shared personal experiences of how talking about a painful secret had helped heal a lifelong relationship. The other themes were teens, and relationships. After finishing reading all the books published to this date, i couclude that. My librarian insisted that I would like it. I feel better when I’m around lifetine. It’s part memoir, part art, part sociology, part psychology, part voyeurism: But over all, like the other books in the series I have read, the book is brilliant, simply brilliant.


Secfets had hoped that I would find a secret that a previous patron left in it as is the PostSecret lore but that was not the case – whoever checks it out after me, however, will be able to tell a different story.

That’s because, as even a cursory perusal will tell you, the secrets we hold close to our personal chests tend to be common ones.

The man in the front row handed me the postcard he had read from, and the two men walked out together. The idea is that people identify with others’ secrets and in turn, feel more comfortable sharing their own.

It would make a great beach read. He died 2 hours later.