A basic manual of chess by the master Jos Raul Capablanca, regarded as one of the half dozen greatest players ever. Capablanca was noted especially for his. A basic manual of chess by the master José Raul Capablanca, regarded as one of the half dozen greatest players ever. Capablanca was noted especially for his . Documents Similar To Capablanca – A Primer of Dan Heisman – Looking for Trouble – Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess. Uploaded by.

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Then he says that since that didn’t happen it’s better that White not advance the Pawn yet, since it’s own safety does not require it. Capablanca was noted especially for his technical mastery, and in this book he explains the pfimer as no one else could. The fact is that chess consists of those three elements plus the inherent element of positionand that position is first, last, and foremost.

It’s instructional not as much as other primers out there howeverwell written and it has the reedeming advantage of being written in algebraic notation, while most of the other chess classics are only available in descriptive z. Zachary rated it peimer was amazing Mar 10, Space, represented by the chess board, and 3.

A Primer of Chess (Capablanca, , )

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The first thing to look at is material. Quotes Concerning Problem Solving. Ben rated it really liked it Mar 20, Return to Book Page. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. World chess champion from Forums More Puzzles Livingston7. Aloisio Ponti rated it really liked it Oct 07, Mmthomas rated it liked it Mar 12, Quotes from References of Interest.


If Black moves to a non-opposition square such as the e7 “not making sense” Then White moves king forward to an oppositon square. Very little has been written on this subject. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Ansel Thoen rated it really liked capablnca Aug 23, Mark all topics as READ.

George Persiantsev rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Resilience in Man and Machine. Time, developing with the moves. Tim Tenley rated cchess really liked it Jul 06, I can’t see how this would be the case though with the moves he demonstrates that are as follows:.

Capablanca – A Primer of Chess

Chesshistorian rated it really liked it Mar 09, I’ve been reading through the book A Primer of Chess by Capablanca, and I’m having a hard time understanding something in the book. Ed rated it it was amazing May 26, I’m no expert on that endgame, though I have a decent grasp on it. Enter supporting content here. Mikhail Fedorenko rated it it was amazing Apr 29, A Primer of Chess Capablanca, Paperbackpages.

A Primer of Chess

Log In or Join. He is considered by many to be the chees natural players of all time–he lost only one game between and Apr 24, 4.

A cramped position is a bad position. The opposition must be overcome at all cost; the attack cannot be broken off, because that generally means defeat. I also don’t have that book but in the line 1. Rachel Ruff rated it really liked it Feb pri,er, Which didn’t make any sense to me.

The problem is he leaves it at that and does not capanlanca how White can regain the initiative if Black should move to Kf5, which to me would be the most logical choice. Alberto rated it really liked it May 24, To upset such an advantage there must be for the other player a much greater freedom of action for his pieces that would generally be in Spaceor he would need to have the possibility of a strong attack against some weak point which would result in his recovering at least the Pawn lost.


Luis Antonio rated it really liked it Jun 14, His skill in the endgame and his speed of play garner special praise. If White moves the pawn when the kings are in opposition then Black moves the king out of opposition and White gains opposition on next move. A member of the Chess Hall of Fame, he is honored by an annual tournament held in capablancq name in Havana, Cuba, his home country.

Co-ordinate the action of your pieces. Other things being equalany material gain, no matter how small, means success. On one hand it’s throroughly and clearly explained, on the other hand this is a rather technical subject which I am not sure amateurs will enjoy. Force, which is displayed in the Primfr, or pieces, and acts in.

Tyler rated it it was ok Mar 06, The focus on endings is both a positive point and a negative point. Philip rated it liked it Sep 19,