Abraham Abulafia has 18 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Ursula Williams said: Great instructions for meditation. Great instructions for meditation. If you a. Amidst the rich panoply of Jewish Kabbalah, Abraham Abulafia resonates the most with modern, philosophically minded seekers of direct. the Divine and its relationship with humanity. Abulafia developed a system of meditation whose most conspicuous feature was the invo- cation of “divine names”.

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These techniques can provide short, liminal leaps into revelatory states of consciousness and the adept needs a kind of measured boldness to attempt this. And if this is at night, light many candles until they make your eyes shine very beautifully. And in this cause the soul will live a resurrection forever and ever. The Heart of Jewish Meditation: But it had a beautiful beginning.

Milani Mudannayake marked it as to-read Oct 18, After completing every row you are permitted to breathe five breaths only, no more, but you can choose to breathe less than five breaths. James McDevitt added it Apr 15, It classifies seven levels of understanding of the Torah, showing what they are and how to reach them.

Abranam ask other readers questions about Abraham Abulafiaplease sign up.

Abraham Abulafia: Meditation on the Divine Name

This is done in combination with various bodily and breathing techniques. Each word in the Hebrew alphabet was formed with serious deliberation and agreement among rabbis.

Its a quick read. Jerusalem, Abulafia, Avraham. Marva Duley marked it as to-read Dec 23, Know that there are three issues created in man Translating Abulafia is an impossible task. Skip to main content.


Great instructions for meditation. He borrowed the techniques of letter combination from the Ashkenazi Chasidim and meditative techniques from Moses Maimonides.

Dunie marked it as to-read Jan 15, The pronunciation of the letters is accompanied by imaging the limbs corresponding to these letters.

Jingsheng Zhu marked it as to-read Jun 15, Understanding Jewish Mysticism Vol. Briah Bat rated it it was amazing Feb 24, Most notable are his encounters with abulzfia.

Prophetic Kabbalah is a special flavor of Jewish mysticism that owes its name to the Abulafian School. Judaica from the Vatican Library. Divnie Williams rated it it was amazing. And know that as much as the honorable intellectual abundance will be strong with you, so much so will your external and internal organs weaken, and your whole body will be engulfed in a very strong upheaval. Elena is currently reading divvine Apr 29, ahulafia And judge yourself according to what you will understand from it, and do the same with the other matters in all that they will tell you.

And adorn yourself in a prayer shawl Tallit and put phylacteries Tefillin upon your head and abrayam if you can, so that you will be in awe and fear of the Shekhinah the female aspect of God who is present with you at that moment. But between the letter of the Name and between the aleph in the straights or between the aleph and the letter of the Name in the inversions you can breathe two breaths only without pronunciation, no more.

Drew rated it it was amazing Jul 01, Lengthen that special breath according to your power to sustain one breath as much as you can lengthen it. When he receives the influx, let him [then] recite speedily the circle of velocity, which is the divine spirit. Kisha Lowenthal marked it as to-read Jul 03, And as if you are the person who has written a divorce to all images of the lowly world, like that given by the person who makes a will before witnesses, commending someone to look after his wife and sons, giving his wealth to another apart from himself, closing himself off from all kinds of supervision and, transferring all responsibility from himself, has passed and gone away.


Abraham Abulafia: Meditation on the Divine Name by Abraham Abulafia

And after you do so put your face against the mentioned Name and imagine that a person stands before you and waits for you to talk with him and he is ready to answer you about everything that you will ask from him. If you are wise you will understand the whole order from my hints. Chant the vowel shurek u neither upwards nor downwards but as a central pull forward dvine the face in the center.

The continuous, monotonous repetition of letters and sounds excites the mind, rather than dulls it. If you are interested in biblical meditation and the permutation of the holy name of God. Samuel Weiser, Katz, Steven T. Benjamin Guillory rated it liked it May 07, meditayions And in the image of the vowel cholam attracted upwards, chant the vowel chirek i drawn downwards and attract a supernal power to rhe it in you.

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