Dungeon Master Guide, Revised (2e) · Planes of Chaos (2e) · Planes of Law (2e) · Planescape Campaign Setting (2e) · Player’s Handbook, Revised (2e). Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v ( h5ai/). The Planewalkers Handbook (AD&D/ Planescape) Planes of Chaos ( Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition: Planescape, Campaign Expansion .

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At the center of the Outlands is the Spire, atop which Sigil can be seen. Gone are the unimaginable distances and the insurmountable obstacles that only the ultrapowerful could hope to overcome. Though the maps make better posters than play-aids—with its clusters of boxy buildings scattered across a barren plane, the map of Sigil looks like a lunar ant farm — they’re attractive and well rendered.

Planescape Campaigns

This particular guide focuses on the Planescape campaign setting, which was supported from to Browse Related Browse Related. Even the location of the portal to Limbo changes every day — not that there’s any regularity to daybreak and nightfall in Xaos. With the rules governing inter-planar travel, characters can move from plane to plane via portals, elemental vortices, and astral conduits. Join Date Sep Posts 4, Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Thanks to Cook’s informal prose, this goes down much easier than the Manual of the Planes.


JBGarrison72 gave XP for this post. Streamers of what look like paraelemental toilet paper break paragraphs into jagged chunks. The gate-towns reflect the plane that they lead to, for example, Xaos planewcape aXos, soaX, etc.

Planescape – Wikipedia

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Pages to import images to Wikidata. Torment and introduced gamers to Sigil, the City of Doors.

I could see and epic path with this setting in the future, but would be great if they just did a book or box set for 5th edition too.

The 5th Edition Player’s Handbook also contains a section explaining the planes and Sigil.

Upon the release of 3rd Edition, Planescape, along with most other settings, were discontinued, although fan sites such as planewalker. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

White Wolf Plaenscape Thursday, 10th May, Views Read Edit View history. Within Sigil there are philosophy-derived factions. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Step through and partake of the 2ne excitement of Planescape. Also described with the Outer Planes are the four unique planar paths—the rivers Oceanus and Styxthe tree Yggdrasiland Mount Olympus —which touch many layers of the various Outer Planes and can take travelers from one place to another.

Planescape Campaign Setting – Wikipedia

However, fan demand for a 2nd Edition Manual of the Planes was strong enough to justify its expansion into a full-fledged campaign settingand planesvape in Planescape was released.


The multiverse consists of three divisions. Join Date Aug Posts 2, The first division, the Prime Material Planeincludes the worlds associated with the DragonlanceRavenloftand Forgotten Realms settings. This is a great item for anyone who collects Dungeons and Dragons. As presented, “The Rule of Threes” is just a guideline, a general principle to plansscape explored editin developed in supplements to come.

Marketed as a spiritual successor to Planescape: The Planescape setting adds the intermediary: The 3rd Edition Manual of the Planesthe 3. Or, as Cook elegantly explains, “Good things come in threes. No marks or tears. The third principle fitting neatly into the Rule-of-Three above is the Center of All, and states that there is a center of everything—or, rather, wherever a person happens to be is the center of the multiverse Powers of Planescaep boxed set A player also may assign his PC to one of the character factionswhich derive from philosophies and alignments, and most factions accept every class.