La ajorca de oro. 0 references. author · Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. 0 references. country of origin · Spain. 0 references. narrative location · Toledo. 0 references. Format: audio. Language: spa. Time. Date: Early 21st century; Period: Early 21st century. Temporal: st; 21st; 21st century. Provenance. Identifier. “THE GOLDEN BRACELET” / “LA AJORCA DE ORO”, GUSTAVO ADOLFO BÉCQUER (A Legend of Toledo) I She was beautiful, beautiful with the kind of.

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Book added to the bookshelf Ok. Maria Laura rated it it was amazing Sep 11, ce If you want to continue reading without limits, you may need to contact your bank, or you can change your payment information here:. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Karen marked it as to-read Jan 14, Only the Queen of Heaven, dimly lit by the glow of a golden lamp, was smiling calmly, quiet and serene, in the midst of all this horror.

Noells added it Feb 07, What could have happened between the two lovers so that he was now bold enough to attempt something which, earlier, just to think about it had made his hair stand on end.

We will never know. Ayer estuve en el templo. For a moment, it seemed that a cold, skeletal hand was pushing him back with an irresistible force. Do you have any further concern? Ella era caprichosa, caprichosa: The cathedral was now empty, completely empty and sunken in profound silence. The lights of the altar were reflected in the facets of its diamonds in a way that captivated me. Orp this book to bookshelf. In my capacity as a true — to — life chronicler, I will not add a single word of my own invention to make them seem better.

Lists with This Book. But it is not yours, and it will never, ever be yours Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There, the light of a lamp made it possible to distinguish his features. In his nervous glances, in his trembling knees, in the sweat that was running down his forehead, one could read the thought that was in his mind.


Write a new comment. Now the precious thing was in his possession; his tense fingers held on to it with a power that was almost supernatural. Callas, callas y doblas la frente Pao rated it really liked it Sep 14, Finally, at dawn my eyes closed and, would you believe?

An essential figure in the canon of Hispanic letters, and an obligatory reading in any Spanish-language High Zjorca, he is today considered the founder of modern Spanish lyricism. Other lesser-known, but none less valuable, works include his “Cartas Desde mi Celda” “Letters from my Cell” and “Cartas Literarias a una Mujer” “Literary Epistles to a Woman” which adopt an intimate, contemplative style similar to Thoreau in “Walden.

Around him everything was unreal and frightening; objects were indistinct and difficult to see in the darkness. However, the silent and motionless smile, which calmed him for a moment, began to fill him with an indescribable feeling of terror, a terror that was deeper than anything he had felt before.

Perhaps you could have other jewels that seemed nicer and more precious, if that were ever possible; but this fe, this one that glows in a way that seems so fascinating? He was superstitious, superstitious and bold, like all men of his time. Imagine a world of stone as large as the spirit of our religion; which is as somber as its laws, as enigmatic as its parables, and you will still not have the slightest idea of the ajodca, the power, and the faith of our elders who for centuries have filled it with the treasure of their belief, their inspiration, and their art.

LA AJORCA DE ORO LEYENDA DE BECQUER by Casto Plasencia y Maestro on artnet

Cookies help us deliver our services. Bruno Carbajo marked it as to-read Jul 19, Yani rated it really liked it Nov 12, Pedro tried to keep moving; he arrived at the gate and climbed to the first step of the main chapel.

Learn Spanish with Salo Education. Yesterday I went to the cathedral; they were celebrating the festival of ds Virgin and, resting on the central altar over a golden base, her statue was shining like it was on fire; powerful notes of the organ spread through all the corners of the church while the choir was singing Hail Holy Queen. The events described in this remarkable story, which occurred many ajorcx ago, do not tell us anything more about these two protagonists.


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Tatiana marked it as to-read Nov 08, Imagine an incomprehensible mixture of shadow and light, where the naves spread out under vaulted arches that are sunken in the darkness of a sanctuary that is permeated with the glow of candles.

He was moderately well known during his life, but it was after his death that most of his works were published. The next morning ajogca the church workers found him, he was still holding the golden bracelet in his hands, and when he saw them, he exclaimed with an insane laugh: Kindle Edition9 pages. Federico Garcia Lorca Writer.

La Ajorca de oro

Return to Book Page. At his feet, next to the kings who were kneeling over their tombs, were the marble archbishops that he had seen before lying motionless on their death beds, while slithering over the slabs, climbing up the columns, perched on the arches, and hanging from the ceiling like worms in an immense cadaver, a multitude of reptiles and creatures of granite were swarming.

Below their vantage — point, the Tajo was flowing around the rocks which form the seat of this imperial city. Around this chapel were tombs with the stone image of former kings who, with their hand resting on the hilt ce their sword, seemed to watch over this sanctuary in whose dark shadows they were resting for eternity.

Me ha dejado fascinado con su prosa.