Read online free Al Shabiba daily newspaper in Arabic (العربية) from Oman: Asia. Al Shabiba. Surf our Website. Address. P.O. Box: City: Ruwi Muscat. Tel: Fax: E-mail: [email protected] Al-Shabiba Mazraa (in Arabic الشبيبة المزرعة) is one of the traditional sports clubs in Lebanon established in , with a long established program in football .

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After they refused continuing to play the season, they were demoted to Lebanese Third Division and finally to the Fourth Division to return to Third Division recently.

It is considered mainly the club of the Lebanese Greek Orthodox communityalthough it has members from other religious communities.

I have a feeling we are almost there: Introducing the Times of Oman redesign. Retrieved from ” https: We have spent two hours talking mostly about the sheen and how Arab readers may perceive it.

Follow the circles in the illustration above. Today we must finalize it, hsabiba continue the work on pages to ready them for the launch April 4.

A page of culture. That, I think, will always be a trademark of Arabic language publications generally. Unless the letter has an ascender, it will be read as one sound and not all three that it needs to be, said Dr.

The suggested version reads Ashibliah. Wow, we think this is it: It takes many hands to create a sheen that hits the spot, as you can see here.

More to come as the day progresses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

  AKG C1000S PDF

Last night we introduced the new design of Al Shabiba and Times of Shabibz to the world, and we got applause for it. What I call Sheen 1 iswell, sexy——a snake that appears all of a sudden, ready to attack or seduce; Sheen 2 has a sense of order. Both Nadine and Kinaan agreed that the dots at the bottom needed to be moved slightly to the right All of us involved with this project are so into it that we were up extremely early this morning, shabibw with each other, looking at reactions, and putting together ONE more version of the logo: Time to close the shop this Saturday, and go for a run on the beach.

Al-Shabiba Mazraa – Wikipedia

Shwbiba are doing it here, actually. We are still going at it, and will keep you updated. The logo discussion has subsided, thank God, and we are now down to two choices: By the way, how come the dots are not underneath the vertical strokes? For those now joining thie weekend-long blog conversation: New sports and business section fronts for Al Shabiba A page of culture An inside page of news Down to the wire and dreaming of sheens It should be no surprise to anyone reading this blog over suabiba weekend, that I would see me drawing sheens in my dream last night.

Jan asks the question: But Jan Kny, our Garcia Media art director Garcia Media Europe points out that the dots are too close to each otherso we ask him to separate him.

Ahmed and we are down to the two choices you see below, and we will present them ap the gala dinner guests tonight and have the audience help us decide. One thing is for sure, many Arab language newspapers are NOW very ready to make design a part of their culture. Tuesday report from Oman: He and Shhabiba often discuss the topic, especially now that he knows I am deeply involved with the launch of Al Shabiba here in Muscat.


That is where we are right shaniba. This is still our favorite by Sunday early evening here: Evolution of a logo for Al Shabiba, and still tweeking it.

It should be no surprise to anyone reading this blog over the weekend, that I would see me drawing sheens in my dream last night. Professor Kinaan discussing why we need to make changes in characters other than the sheen for the Al Shabiba logo. Contact us shabibx speaking requests, questions or to discuss a project. The club was a regular feature in the Lebanese Premier League for many years including a Lebanese championship title in during the reign of Nicolas Majdalani as president of the club.

We feel that the spirit of the flame goes more with the rest of the logo, as well as with the new look of Al Shabiba, which, if you look at the pages, will undergo one of the most dramatic design transformations for any Arab language daily that I know.