But the crowning glory of Anubhava Mantapa was Allama Prabhu, the great sage for his allegoric vachanas, known as “beDagina vachana” in Kannada. In this vachana, Allama Prabhu mocks the mere mortals who are subdued by the.

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Allegoric Vachanas of Allama Prabhu

Share Email Facebook Google Print. Two narratives of his life have developed, named after the two important poets who have focused on Allamaprabhu’s life, are known pfabhu Harihara tradition and Chaamarasa tradition. So popular was the work, that the king had it translated into Tamil and Telugu languages. He focused on spirituality and mysticism.

Other versions by Halage AryaSiddhalingayati and Siddaveerannodaya are considered refinements. The tiger-headed deer, the deer-headed tiger, Joined at the waist. Basava Samithi, Basava Bhavana Benguluru If the mountain feels cold, what will they cover it with?

Allama Prabhu (ಅಲ್ಲಮ ಪ್ರಭು)

Allama Prabhu was the protagonist of some important writings in the Kannada language. Unless you iannada it in full knowledge of its ways the axle will break O Lord of Caves!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is normally included among the “Trinity of Lingayatism” — along with Basavanna, the founder of the movement, and Akka Mahadevi, the most prominent woman poet.


Kannada Madhura Geetegalu: Honnu Mayeyembaru-Allama Prabhu Vachana

On the interplay vachamas the various Indian traditions, and the development of the Advaitic hegemony, see: Allama then refers to the predators that attack the farm — the five animals. Sharana name B, C. I saw the temple fleeing, gachanas God came. He goes on to say how he cleansed himself using his mind as a tool. Look, another came to chew close by When the trunk with no head grazes dry leaves, Look, all vanishes, O Guheswara.

Sharana names G, J. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Kannad this beautiful metaphoric vachana, Allama Prabhu is explaining spirituality to a farmer. Allama says he used compassion and forbearance to guard the doors to the mind and keep the five senses away from the inner farm of tranquil self-existence.

Without the duality — mind and mere bone, Allamaa him who has merged his own Self with the Lord, All actions are actions of linga alone.

Allamas poems are known to cover an entire range, from devotion to final union with God. With the intent of re-kindling the spirit of the 12th century, the Sunyasampadane “Achievement of nothingness” or “The mystical zero”a famous anthology of Vachana poems and Veerashaiva philosophy was compiled during the Vijayanagara era. Although Allama Prabhu and the Vacanas have been qualified as bhakti poets, Vachaas.


In this work, Allama is considered an incarnation of the Hindu god Ganapatiand Parvatithe consort of the god Shiva, takes the form of the princess of Banavasi to test his detachment from the material world. The quality of the work is considered very high.

In this vachana, Allama Prabhu mocks the mere mortals who are subdued by the materialistic world. Jangama wandering mystic Speciality: Love and compassion are key ingredients in practicing spirituality.

Allama Prabhu Vachanas

The vachanakaras regarded language as a limited means to express “the unitive experience of truth. Critic Joseph Shipley simply categorises Allama’s poems as those of a “perfect Jnani” “saint”. He has written vachanas, swaravachanas, creation vachanas and mystic chants under the signature Guheshwara. In the Kaliyuga If the guru bowed and taught wisdom alla,a the pupil I said it was great grace.