Amanda Hocking (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 84, ratings · 6, reviews. Switched – the first book in the Trylle Trilogy When Wendy Everly . Trylle Trilogy is a young adult paranormal series by American author Amanda Hocking. The trilogy follows the story of Wendy Everly, a year-old girl who. AMANDA HOCKING is The New York Times bestselling author of the Trylle trilogy and a lifelong Minnesotan. After selling more than a million copies of her.

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Without Jacob and Edward, and with a bit more of two very entertaining, lovely and absolutely amazing characters.

The night before he has to leave the settlement, he spends snuggling in bed with her—snuggling is all they do. I liked it enough to continue reading it and finish the series but I personally just found it kind of boring I would have gave it a higher star if Finn would have.

The changeling story hockiny quite interesting, so is the plot. You’re maybe smanda for about a day or two hovking you forget all about the family that loved and cared for your ungrateful little ass.

As for the romance The Princess Diaries meets Tithe in Switched, the highly imaginative, immensely enjoyable novel from Amanda Hocking, an up-and-coming talent. Books by Amanda Hocking. The Stroms are very good friends of Elora. The Trylle culture is dying out.

Trylle Trilogy

Almost like a modern day fairy tale. You only need to remember that as supernatural creatures, everyone in Wendy’s race is beautiful, rich and possessed one psychic power or another. The short story at the end of this book was interesting – I hope to see more of Loki in the future.


I guarantee that you have not read a series quite like this before. But you know what?

The Trylle Series : Amanda Hocking :

Wendy is a slightly rebellious teenager whose own mother tried to kill her when she became convinced Wendy was a monster. Wendy goes to the school dance for the first time ever, solely to talk with Finn some more, but he says something callous, she becomes enraged, and she hurriedly leaves before he can explain. I like him from the beginning up to the end. I was also very annoyed by Loki because his presence everywhere did m okay I gave this trilogy 3 stars but I should say that I think the first book deserves 4 stars because it was better than the second and third one.

Try hovking Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: I love Amanda Hocking. I just think it needs more elements to make it really sensational. You only need to r Switched follows Wendy Everly, a teenage girl who had always felt awkward and out of hockint her mother trying to kill her when she was six doesn’t help her self-esteem muchinto a journey to discover her true origin.

She supposedly loved Finn so much that when Loki entered the picture, she forgot all about the first guy, cause you know, Loki’s trilohy looking. And it was beautifully written. I hated this trilogy.


I’ve been doing research on publishing for the last year. When Beyonce first let us know that if we liked it we should have put a ring on it and Britney repeatedly told us what she thought of womanizers.

Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking

In Amanda’s world, these are all misconceptions. Switched appears to be her best seller and she says on her blog that it’s I’ve been doing research on publishing for the last year. She’s had a difficult, traumatic childhood, but that only made her stronger for the wear.

She’s an okay character and she doesn’t annoy me, but I think she needs some development. I wanted to see more of a brave Wendy, a risk-taker, the girl with the temper. And the mom trying to kill the troll daughter She’s an airhead at times, gaping at hot boys like they are the only boys on the planet. I got about halfway, put it down, thinking I have way too many better things to be reading right now than this troll book.

I’d say everyone at least needs to give this series a go and read the first book, as the writing is beautiful as well as the story something entirely different and new.