Anviz OA – biometric indentification and access control. ·OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed for ·Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable. OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable.

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Shift setup should be done in two steps: Exported Excel file can be used as backup information and can be imported again. The log-in interface will pop up as follows: In addition, staff information and fingerprint templates can be uploaded and downloaded between the unit and the computer.

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If there is ahviz input ID and authorize terminals, there will be system prompt: Preface Honorable customers, Thanks for choosing products of this company. E-commerce powered by MonsterCommerce shopping cart.

It is assumed that the shift goes around every week, cycle every three weeks and staff is on holiday every Saturday and Sunday. Open the attendance exceptions option card to deal with the records: The main interface includes three parts: Add up the total time and then round according to corresponding unit.


Please see the picture below: You can add the records manually. The following window appears: And it restarts after initialization. After the allocation of the shift, the arranged working date and time can be seen clearly for each staffer.

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Or else, this function is limited. Please refer to illustration of pressing finger. Firstly set the date. Please download the records from the unit before report calculation.

Press the finger twice on the scanner and the voice prompt will come along. After the system is initialized, all information will be lost; the system will get back to the state when just installed. For example, if the minimum calculation unit is 1 day, if the accumulated time is 1. Attendance records exporting If need anvuz lead out the attendance record, only need to click export, you can lead out the anivz inquired.

Complete process for adding four timetables: Select or enter a database name: The report can calculate the time attendance status of all staffer or a certain staffer from a certain department in a certain time period.

Rules above will directly affect the statistical result Please make above setting according to the true status of your company to ensure the accuracy of reports. We use this management password to enter the device menu.


Anviz OA280

Select the ending date for your data clearing. Please refer to the following steps: Direct oa80 light or too bright light Avoid direct sun light or other bright light 2. This number can be set as you like. The fingerprint captured properly Solution was not Enroll the finger again. Communication method not set correctly Select the method 2.

And then we modify its parameter settings. The interface is as following: First, setup necessary timetables. System parameter, department oa2280, staffer maintenance, shift management, staffer leave and statistic report etc.

Deletion of the shifts Select the shifts in the shifts form which you want to delete, click Delete button, and click ok on the pop up dialog box to finish the deletion. And then try to enter the correct password.

There are some invalid records during the use of the unit.