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Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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This objective is applicable to total covered storage space excluding igloos and magazines. Enter the amount s of gross storage space ingranted as defined in 470-3 glossary. Enter the annual cost charged for the leased space. Enter the attainable cubic feet ACF in storage areas occupied by erected bin storage aids. Multicubicle magazines Above ground magazines consisting of multiple cubicles located with their backs along a common wall in an arrangement similar to horse stalls.

Additionally, ammunition storage space occupancy will attain the following storage densities: Criteria contained in at 2, paragraph 2—5 will be used to determine the amount and what type of equipment requires CH storage. Requests for diversion of storage space will include the following information: Representative types of equipment not requiring controlled humidity storage.

CARE OF SUPPLIES IN STORAGE (COSIS) – ppt video online download

Reporting requirements are as follows:. Installation identity codes, page The equipment used in firing and maintaining guided missiles and large rockets, such as launchers, handling and test equipment and radar s.

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Planning will include phased programs to improve the use of permanent storage facilities and close out, vacate, and demolish or place in standby, those facilities that are the least desirable for retention or operation. Diversion of storage facilities at installations, arsenals, test facilities, and industrial plants for nonstorage purposes such as office space and maintenance shops is discouraged.

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The TCF in the bin area is computed by multiplying the bin area net SF, line 11, by the unobstructed stacking height. This regulation covers the following subject areas: Defense Management Education and Training 7403. APS stored in the non—CH storage awaiting availability of CH storage space or designated for open storage will be processed for storage using the procedures in TM 38— It may be a separate installation or be located at another installation.

When portions of an installation are inactivated, emphasis will be placed on centralizing these 470-3 portions. Total of lines 2 and 6 from prior report.

Storage and 7400-3 Activity Operations. The acceptance or rejection of such space will be substantiated by a thorough economic analysis of the alternatives. Enter the result of line 14, minus line Space programming and allocation. Only storage space used for the following purposes are excluded: In instances where a depot or similar supply installation receive advance notice of zr of material and the receipt of such material would result in the improper use of storage facilities—that is, the type of storage is less than the minimum required type—action will be taken by the storage activity to notify the appropriate inventory control points.

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This section prescribes the policies and procedures for determining requirements for and justifying the construction of storage facilities within DA. The purpose of this ra is to assist installation managers and management control administrators at installations with Army storage and supply operations in evaluating the key management controls outlined below.

Each installation, activity, and command concerned will establish and maintain an ammunition surveillance and quality assurance program in accordance with AR —6, this regulation, Supply Bulletin SB —1 and other applicable SBs. Department of the Army.

AR 740-3 Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS)

Vehicle Protective Closures, Use and Disposition. Management Control Evaluation Process, page Unless there is adequate justification to the contrary, existing storage facilities of DOD components will be used. Standards will be prepared in accordance with AR —