Joseph H. Peterson (Goodreads Author) (Editor). · Rating details · 48 ratings · 2 reviews. In many ways, Arbatel is unique among texts on magic. Unlike the. The Arbatel De Magia veterum was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic . Latin text with parallel English translation by Joseph H. Peterson, Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of the Ancients. Newly translated, edited and annotated. All about Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of the Ancients by Joseph Peterson. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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In many ways, Arbatel is unique among texts on magic. And they who are severe against it, they all pardon this my opinion, that such their severity proceeds from Self-guiltiness; and give me leave to apply that of Ennodius that it is the nature of Self-wickedness, to think that of others, which themselves deserve. CVM circa se senserit aliquid incorporeum agens, vel exteriori aliquo sensu, vel interiori: But in this place it is to be explained, in what maner these Princes and Powers may be drawn into communication.

But heare he may sinne, either by negligence or by ignorance, or by contempt, or also by to much supersticion. Et ipse non nisi solo digito Dei capitur, ac seruituti hominis addicitur, vt pio etiam inuiti seruiant.

He that seeketh after a good end, let him follow it; and he that desires an evil end, pursueth that also, and that earnestly, from divine punishment, and turning away from the divine will. Order, Reason and Means, are the three things which do easily render all learning aswell of the visible as invisible creatures.

Whatsoever ye ask, ye shall receive.

Arbatel De magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients)

Hermes, the Spirits of the more sublime parts of the minde. Seventhly, the Pigmies do not possess the lowest place, and they who inhabit in elements, and elementary things. But he will not that we give holy things peterskn dogs, nor despise and condemn the gifts of his treasury.

Dat spiritus qui fideliter inseruiunt iis, quibus addicuntur.

Sorcerers and Magi: The Arbatel Working

The conclusion of the secret of secrets is, That every one exercise himself in prayer, for those things which he desires, and he shall not suffer a repulse. On the Magic of the Ancients was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic published in in Switzerland. He giveth familiars with a definite power. Stole this from Joey. The magic referred to would be thaumatergy.


arrbatel There are arbael discussion topics on this book yet. It is lawful to admit of, and exercise other suggestions which are not contrary to the glory of God, and charity towards our neighbours, not inquiring from what Spirit such suggestions proceed: To these are petetson all idolaters of old, and of our age, and abusers of Fortune, such as the heathens are full of.

Secondly, we are to know, That a Magitian is a person predestinated to this work from his mothers wombe; neither let him assume any such great things to himself, unless he be called divinely by grace hereunto, for some good end; to a bad end is, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, It must be that offences will come; but wo be to that man through whom they come. This is the aspect of the Arbatel that modern and postmodern-era occultists focus on, somewhat overlooking a more pervasive, underlying message about working with the tutelary spiritual entities, the role of the Olympic Spirits as rulers of psychodynamic processes and fate, and the role of the Olympic Spirits as symbols of and archetypal structures that form the holographic Multiverse.

Christine Schwarz rated it it was amazing Jul 20, The first Law is petedson, That he know that such a Spirit is ordained unto him from God; and let him meditate that God is the beholder of josseph his thoughts and actions; therefore let him direct all the course of his life according to the rule prescribed in jjoseph word of God. Joseph Peterson, Ibis Press, All things are possible to them that believe them, and are willing to receive them; josepn to the incredulous and unwilling, all things are unpossible [sic]: I think it may have some value for a time as a discipline–but that is not how I work.

The true and onely way to all secrets, is to have recourse unto God the Author of all good; and as Christ teacheth, In the first place seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text Articles containing Hebrew-language text. Omnis autem ignorantia est tribulatio animi. The South is for Culture and Husbardry [sic]. Seventhly, In him that would be a Magician, there is required the greatest justice, that he undertake nothing that is ungodly, wicked or unjust, nor to let it once come in his minde; and so he shall be divinely defended from all evil.


And these things afterwards were vitiated and corrupted with humane opinions; and by the instigation of evil spirits, who sow tares amongst the children of disobedience, as it is manifest out of St. In the Arbtel of the Creator of all things both visible and invisible, who revealeth his Mysteries out of his Treasures to them peteeson call upon him; and fatherly and peerson bestoweth those his Secrets upon us without measure.

Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of Ancients: Original Sourcebook of Angel Magic

The most general Precepts of this Secret. The second, Them whom the Spirits do serve faithfully of their own accord. This is valde insignis Magia. And the “ceremonial magician” who’d probably prefer to be referred to as Hermetic rather than Rosicrucian is definitely not publicity shy, as long as you use his internet persona. Aratron appeareth in the first hour of Saturday8 and very truely giveth answers concerning his Provinces and Provincials.

Turn over therefore with thy hand, both night and day, those holy Writings, that thou mayest be happie in things present, and blessed in all eternity. God liveth, and thy soul liveth: After this manner are made heroick men, such as there are very many, and all learned men in the world, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Galen, Euclides, Archimedes, Hermes Trismegistus the father secrets, with Theophrastus, Paracelsus ; all which men had in themselves all the vertues of secrets.

The YouTube below is a distillation of this phase of the Arbatel working. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Thou shalt have also the Angels and Spirits of God prompt and ready in their nature to minister unto thee, as much as josephh humane minde can desire. Sixthly, All the deceitful imitations and affections of the devil are also to be avoided, whereby he imitateth the power of the creation, and of the Creator, that he may so produce things with a word, that they may not be what they are.

Paul rated peteron it was amazing Jun 24,