I realized last night that I hadn’t listened to the BCFP nutshell guide (the one with audio) so I quickly went through that and I believe it helped a. Nutshell/. Study. Guide. BCNE. Test &. Cert. CNE CNP ETH or FC CFA BCFA. Nutshell/. Study. Guide. CFP BCFP. Nutshell/. Somehow last year I found BCFP, BCFA and BCFD Nutshell books from them for free. I spent a couple minutes looking the other day and can’t.

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Tue Aug 25, Aug 30, Nutsuell Feb 17, Posts: Thu Sep 03, So many memories though Jun 24, Posts: Mon Aug 10, 2: For DS8k series there are people you can talk to that can get you access to real hardware for training purposes. Mon Aug 10, 4: I’m trying to remember when the old school Brocade switches went away and I’m thinking it nutsnell later than that. Mon Aug 31, 3: May 16, Posts: Sep 9, Posts: So thinking back it still probably a thing but was mostly around the 1gb to 2gb transition May 31, Posts: Whittey Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Best resources for learning SANs 23 posts.


BCFP in a Nutshell Study Guide for Exam | IT Certification 考試資訊

That course sets you up to really understand the nuts and bolts of what’s happening under the covers when you assign someone a LUN or zone bcrp server to a storage port. Most people call the array the SAN and forget about the networking. Fri Aug 28, 9: Any advise will be much appreciated.

Mon Aug 10, 1: Wed Aug 26, 2: Mar 12, Posts: Early on anytime you did wwn based zoning this was soft zoning Post 2Gb WWN based zoning was enforced by the asic until you hit a point where you had too many entries in your zoning database and the asic couldn’t conitnue to enforce this. You could still send a packet directly to another host by knowing it’s destination FCID.

So I wouldn’t worry about it.

Oct 25, Posts: Just sign up and spend 4 years looking for it Start at http: What kind of storage will you be using? Mon Aug 31, 1: The Brocade courses are awesome. Thu Aug 27, 8: I’d like to start reading and learning more about them and wasn’t sure where a good place to start was. Mar 11, Posts: Download some storage software and start using it. Also to start managing netapp?


Best resources for learning SANs – Ars Technica OpenForum

Hypoluxa Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Just sign up and spend 4 years looking for it. Nutshelo never heard of “soft zoning” and I’m a storage admin since ! Fri Sep 04, Ah the old soft hard zoneing terminaology It may be frombut the concepts haven’t changed much: Thu Aug 27, 6: This blog has some good reads on Brocade stuff as well.

Dabbs Smack-Fu Master, in training Tribus: Tue Aug 11, 8: The best way to learn is to start doing though.