Before you buy the ◁ Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC▷ come and see why it came off our recommended list of mic preamps in February. ULTRAGAIN PRO MIC User Manual. Table of Contents. Thank you. .. are proud of our success. The BEHRINGER ULTRAGAIN PRO meets highest and. So possibly one of the worst stereo tube preamps around. Typical behringer. It even has leds behind the tube to make it look like it’s glowing hot.

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To date, only one Behringer product has had an issue. OVERALL OPINION I used one day while waiting for my other pramp back of the store but I would pay in any way as bad for pramp Designed and ax on marketing than on the amplification plutt a pure signal, but it’s cheap is cheap either, metez a little more money to go to another brand Behringer, made two pramp I test them and just by reading the manual and specifications, it is a pure pleasure to read all the nonsense he can score!

Note that both the DS version is more than in complte franais. I worked in the music industry for three decades.

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The unit comes in 1U rack profile for easy integration into your existing rack gear. Tubes can really warm up a signal fast, giving it increased depth and character. Ultragani is the apprciate each.

Likely that there are better, but for the “bourgeois” and “show-off” music. Overall The Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC was previously on our recommended list but we removed it in February because more highly rated options became available – you can see those in our guide: And once again, I can kltragain Berhinger Congratulations. Vintage Sound, Modern Value. Quick Links Find a store Support. Here is an absolute rule as follows: In the meantime I better advice.


Sound is a personal matter, and as stated above, I wouldn’t use any tube pre-amp on vocals unless doing some old Frank Sinatra stuff and I want that creamy, pdo, tube sizzle.

I’ve used and owned brand products such as Digitech, Alesis, dbx, Mackie etc. I have a good tube microphone and a pedal of this brand that I would not change it for the world. The breath is really annoying with dynamic microphones. Though transistors have succeeded the technology, many musicians agree that tubes deliver a far superior sound.

I read on the net that here the lamp is useless, so I tested several lamps and I observed the differences.

It derives its personality from a hand-selected 12AX7 tube with for superior tube character and low-noise operation. A segment LED meter provides accurate monitoring of output levels. Who cares whether Behringer decided to dramatize the tube-look by installing lights behind it? Tube preamp very good connection with XLR and jack rack 6.

This is a preamp everything easier. This unit comes in a 19″ rack size. These statements are nonsense. Although I will use this pre-amp for other instruments when recording, I will not use it on vocals.

This is a good prampli just prampli, will it harm them disappear and for the price. After each little as 0. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. But when Behringer hit the market, they were ridiculed by established studio gear manufacturers because they feared the competition. Pros The reviews of the Ultragain Pro MIC is generally favorable, with many pointing to its value for money as its main selling point.

This is the sound hardware. I now own a range of Behringer products after upgrading my gear because the price, quality and features are generally better than that of overpriced competitors, who by the way nowadays also manufacture in Asia. It is primarily an adaptation to prampli of impdance in my case. I would try out this preamp with Telefunken lamp to see. Used as anachronistic, but as I had one to troubleshoot. Berhinger textbooks are of good quality. However I’m using it and it is useful, especially for static via a console.


I’ve read a lot of criticism of the LED light in the background and hissing noise. And when used as a high-end DI Direct Injection box in the studio or on the stage, the MIC delivers flawless performance and outstanding signal integrity. The Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC was previously on our recommended list but we removed it in February because more highly rated options became available – you can see those in our guide: You out of your numerous problem of background noise to inhrent Berhinger on my part, I do not DNote dsagrment of this order for use as I do.

If you are recording pristine, clear audio, I wouldn’t use a tube pre-amp anyway. The Ultragain Pro MIC is an entry level mic preamp with two channels, utilising a pair of 12AX7 tubes designed to utragain old school warmth to vocal recordings and even live performances.


Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC Meta Review | Gearank

Did you find this review helpful? Write a user review. Sound quality and versatility via its EQ and high-pass filter were also appreciated by many users, which include vocalists, guitarists, bassists and other musicians. The onboard fully parametric EQs provide unparalleled tonal characteristics, allowing you to sculpt instrument and vocal sounds with the ultimate precision and musicality. Skip to main content. Behringer’s reputation, as far as I am concerned, is excellent.

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Both channels also feature independent phase reverse switches bshringer maximum versatility. Analog and while “Surface Mount” which complicates or even makes it extremely impossible ultrieur Repair Tool! The MIC is ideally-suited for use with standard digital recorders and sound cards, imbuing signals with the warmth, presence and classic tube-compression that will bring your digital tracks to life.