The Vairágya-Ùatakam is one of the three series of hundred verses which have come down to us under the title of Subháøita-triùatæ (lit. ‘The happily worded. Vairagya-Satakam: The Hundred Verses on Renunciation of Bhartrihari. 2. Om Namah Sivanandaya. Preface. Startling it is somehow to grasp how the life. THE Vairāgya-Satakam is one of the three series of hundred verses which have come down to us under the title of Subhāṣita-trišati (lit. “The happily worded.

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No amount of discursive writing can ever encompass the uniqueness of style, the benevolence of emotions, the structure of words, all these sublime factors simultaneously. Verse 50 You are a king, but we have served Gurus, Who are great in knowledge. Consider this world meaningless take pity on the people and advice people about the truth. Verse 85 When, wearing only the Kaupina, Loincloth. Enterprise strengthens the fate. Verse 33 3 Life is like a wave upon the waters, Youth only remains a few days.

We could not seek and stay in the company of good people, pious and sublime souls but we have gradually become old by indulging in material things and incessantly striving for the same. Like a crow stealing into a kitchen, With fear I have eaten the bread of others in their homes, Yet thou, Desire, who leadest to evil deeds, Leavest me not!

Vairagya Satakam or the Hundred Verses on Renunciation

Stopping my judgment, I have with folded hands Stood before unworthy persons. It is unfortunately nothing. It is because of this reason that one needs love and eroticism in youthhood. This is indeed the glory of time that despite realizing the truth we tend to neglect or overlook it. Even the king of gods, Indra lost the battle to the demons though he had a mentor like Devguru Brihaspati, had a weapon like Vajra, had gods as soldiers, had a castle in the heaven, had Vishnu as his aid and had Airavat, the elephant as his vehicle.


Vairagya satakam. Or the hundred verses on renunciation.

Every else is a trade or the business of a trader. They take mountains of food for him and try to awaken him with their shouts, drums and trumpets. We should not shoe disrespect towards the scholars because alike elephants who cannot catch or lie the fiber of a lotus flower, similarly the scholars bharttihari be enticed by money Lakshmi who is alike a blade of grass.

I think, of all those things, which I can enjoy in the present. vairagy

King Janak visits Ayodhya. By the virtue of wealth, a man acquires even those merits, which he was lacking earlier.

Bhartrihari Vairagya Shatak | Jai Guru Dev

Lying on the sands of the holy Ganges in Benares, When shall I weep aloud, “O Lord of ghouls”, Saying this, and whole days shall pass like moments? Other than earning wealth we did not attain rest of the three attainments.

It is alike a brother and family member in the foreign land. Where fortune falls, open bharttihari hundred gates of danger. That too gives as per the Karma. Are the springs all dry?

Amongst the kings it is knowledge which is venerated and worshipped and not wealth and riches. Brahma sends Narad to Valmiki. But a lion goes and tries to kill an elephant for away even if a jackal is near him. Some people work for vairagga benefit of others only when their interest is hurt. Friendship of the evil people is like bhartriihari shade of earlier part of the day, which shortens continuously.


I have blasted mountains to get jewels. Detachment is simply impossible without aesthetic sense. The one who practice Yoga i. So does the story goes that Bhartrihari got such a fruit from a Brahmin that would increase his life span. Water and milk appear single when mixed. What shall happen even if are read the Smritis, Vedas and Puranas, Reasoning grammar, Shatadarshan and other scriptures?

Verse 54 What if you have got the wealth that fulfils every desire? Shri Hanuman Chalisa for Mobile. Here is the truth: Bhartrihari says that when I was ignorant I had become a like an intoxicated elephant, a person who thinks that he is omniscient, but when I came in the company of the intelligent, Bharrtrihari realized I am an idiot. When the body is still healthy and diseaseless, When old age has not yet attacked it, When the organs have not yet lost their power, And life is still full and undiminished, Now, now, struggle on, rendering great help to yourself!

Old age is alike a tigresses frightening each and everyone and ailment are alike enemies which attack on the body all the time.

It is really ironical — the glory of ignorance is indeed unintelligible. Knowledge can bring into vairatya everything. Love for the religion is the only efficiency.

Nor castes nor their divisions, rite nor rule, are bhartgihari, nor fixing mind and thought and mood; no longer dreaming […].

Still, a man must thoroughly consider anything before doing it.