. HP Integrity BLc server blade is a full-height, BladeSystem c-Class form. AHA HP Integrity BLc i2 c CTO Blade Server AHAR. HP Bladeserver BLc Quickspecs here. There are no reviews for this product. Bl8x0c i2 server installation read-me-first document (2 pages). Server HP Integrity BLc Quickspecs. Hewlett-packard server blade quickspecs (27 pages).

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Quickspecs HP Integrity BLc i2 Server Blade

To review maximum system power ratings for facilities planning purposes use the Active Answers Blade Power Sizer which is. For a complete listing of services, see: K2 your local sales representative for information on CTO. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP Care Pack Services. Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon and Xeon Inside are. Several security features offer data. Choose Additional Options for Factory Integration.

QuickSpecs HP Integrity BLc i2 Server Blade

When adding Option bl870v ” 0D1,” must select whether server blade should be installed in an odd slot of quicjspecs c enclosure AHA or in an even slot AHA Hp integrity ilo 2 operations guide, eleventh edition pages. From Version 11 to Used by System Administrators to identify, associate and group blades into. Server blades, storage blades, and interconnect modules are all designed to fit into the c and c enclosures.


HP offers a range of support services and additional services. Learn more at http: Following are memory options available from HP:. Installation Services Installation Services. Many enterprise and government customers require this vendor-independent security certification.

Altitude maximum for storage corresponds to a pressure minimum of 70 KPa. HP Smart Array Controller. Certification evaluations are only conducted by the evaluation agency after release of the product.

They encompass today’s most popular products, including UNIX, Windows and Linux servers, as well as mobile technology, network devices, desktops, printers, storage solutions, management software and more. Four 4 processor sockets; processor modules are quicskpecs to order. Changes made in Standard Features section. Glossary of Integrity Glossary of Integrity. Supported Software Supported Software.

This ensures that multiple application instances run securely in a. Provides two additional 1GbE ports.

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Memory must be loaded in quads two memory modules, 4 DIMMs. For additional information on HP Integrity server blade. HP Integrity Upgrade Kits. All four DIMM slots in a memory bank must be populated.


Factory Express offers service packages for simple configuration, racking, installation, complex quickspecd and design services as well as individual factory services, such as image loading, asset tagging, and custom packaging. This section lists some of the steps required to configure a Factory Integrated Model. The following security features have built-in.

AH383A HP Integrity BL870c i2 c7000 CTO Blade Server

Integrity quickspeca are supported with the following ICE components, installed automatically when using the. For more information on Factory Express services for your specific server model please contact your sales representative or go to: Hard drives have either a one year or three year warranty; refer to the specific hard drive QuickSpecs for details. Maximum memory was increased to GB.