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Eighteen older adults without cognitive impairment participated in this study.

The Psychological Corporation; Psychol Aging 26 2: Multiple walking speed-frequency relations are predicted by constrained optimization. Given DTC measures how the addition of concurrent task while walking affects the brosrua demands of attending to gait and whether such demand interferes with gait performance, DTC in walking speed was analyzed across the task conditions.

Very challenging to constantly meet demands of corporate brosuura. Open in a separate window. These results indicate that interlimb coordination involved increased attentional control, compared to when responding to external auditory cueing.

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J Neurol The ratio brousra during all rhythm-motor tasks was found to be significantly correlated with the Walk Count. Attentional demands of cued walking in healthy young and elderly adults. Soo Ji Kim, rk. Characteristics of stepping over an obstacle in community dwelling older adults under dual-task conditions.

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The WCST measures executive functioning, including the ability to develop a problem-solving strategy, and preservative errors during the test indicate inhibitory attentional control and cognitive flexibility in set-shifting tasks. For the ratio measure, all pairs showed significant correlations. Community-dwelling healthy older adults aged 60 or over were recruited through flyers posted at senior apartments and senior community centers.


The DST 3334 assesses working memory and consists of two subtests: Also, the addition of rhythmic cueing to a traditional cognitive-motor task would present more useful information on how a rhythm-motor task can mediate dual task performance at different levels.

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No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. A total of 18 older adults were included in the final analysis. PLoS One 8 Are there significant differences in the ratio of stride length to walking speed as measured for walking stability among the participants in the rhythm-motor tasks and cognitive-motor tasks?

During a single task condition, participants were instructed to walk at their comfortable speed along a 6-m walkway. Our community is ready to answer.

Introduction Increased fall risks and avpn serious injuries associated with aging are a public health concern 12. I organize my tools and prepared what I was going to say to my customers. For dual task-related parameters i. You can work from home and make your own hours.

The Applicability of Rhythm-Motor Tasks to a New Dual Task Paradigm for Older Adults

Given that changes in single gait parameter do not sufficiently reflect the gait pattern of an individual, such a measure of ratio i.

J Music Hum Behav 13 1: It also indicates how these new dual tasks can effectively mediate dual task performance indicative of fall risks, while requiring increased cognitive resources but facilitating gait control as a compensatory strategy to maintain gait stability.


As such, previous studies indicate that multiple cognitive processes, including attention, working memory, and executive function, mediate gait, especially when walking is required in a challenging environment with the presence of obstacles 12 or with the provision of concurrent tasks Changes in gait parameters when walking with concurrent tasks, also measured as dual task costs DTCare indicative of the extent of how much dual task condition leads to deterioration of such task performance due to cognitive demands involved in gait Self-organized control of bipedal locomotion by neural oscillators in unpredictable environment.

Great for Independant Wokers. Want to know more about working here? I did gain an awareness of the people who lived around me and the things they are interested in. Exploring the use of melody during RAS gait training for adolescents with traumatic brain injury: In the case of Walk IPalthough decreased stride length was observed as an adaptation for gait stability, decreases in walking speed were also observed, which led to interference with effective gait control [also found in Ref.

Table 2 Cognitive, affect, and balance measures of participants. In this study, participants tended to maintain stride length while greatly slowing down their walking during the Walk Count.

Speeding up or slowing down?