This work is a comparative study of the philosophies of two great minds- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Nysut Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re. Although they are. Brother Polight, Actor: Caleb a Living Miracle. Brother Polight is an actor, known for Caleb a Living Miracle (). k Followers, 48 Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Brother POLIGHT Wrote 90+Books (@brother_polight).

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Slim Jesus Episode The prostate is not connected to the spine.

Black people should not listen to negative music. Ultimately, homosexuality prevents the building of strong families. The root of this idea is gay men are inferior to straight men, therefore their success has to be due to them being gay. Pee Wee Kirkland Episode Kemet is our example par excellence for building a strong nation. Another method to increase brain wave vibration is listening to music in the key of middle C.

Polight is correct to point out systemic racism in the Jewish community. Ethiopian Jews were sterilized without consent through fake vaccinations.

Polight rebuts this argument with the fact that people are capable of psychic ability. The statements center around Africans being unable to learn, needing constant supervision, and imbuing inanimate objects with personalities hyper-superstition.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Independent research of Dianetics shows no significant improvement in the mental health of patients. Credit Card companies do not discriminate directly on race. Men should not regulate how women should dress. White people will also be able to use mixed people to promote a white agenda and confuse black people into thinking the agenda originated with black people.


Compatibility Requires iOS 7. Make sure you got it before you flaunt it.

A black follower must be secure in the fact his membership is valid. The idea behind all of these services is that declaring yourself ppolight of mainstream society a person will be allowed special legal privileges that will increase financial freedom. There is no medical evidence for this claim. The White man and how to build proper relations The cause of white aggression and racism is genetic.

This will remove the need for priest po,ight pastors. Therefore, it could be natural for some black people to be homosexual. Foods to avoid are all processed foods, hybrid plants, and white foods. Black people should use an alkaline diet and herbal supplements to prevent disease.

According to the Hebrew Israelite religion, the original Israelites were black. Kemet was the name of Egypt used by Egyptians.

Brother Polight changes his Black Power convictions

In Conclusion Brother Polight is a blue meme lolight. Herbal supplements are proven to be extremely important to proper nutrition and disease prevention. A former gang member whose father walked out of his life at the age of A healthy brain will vibrate from 72 — 90 MHz and vibration above 80 MHz is genius level.


These are factors that need to be evaluated.

Brother Polight (Episode 86) – Loud Speakers Network

Indigenous African religions began to be suppressed. However, they are making efforts to proselytize black people in New York City. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Playlist is entitled SD Brother Polight.

brothfr Each follower must fully understand how the religion has treated his people and how he will relate to the path. In addition to the claim racism is genetic, the claim can be easily disproven by the amount of mixed race people that are in the forefront of the struggle.

Brother Polight – IMDb

Black people also spend more than any other community. The Bible is an old book and many aspects of the Bible are antiquated.

Milk is especially bad for health due to the fact it is irradiated during pasteurization. But, Polight, a crafty brothre, puts some water on the fire when he stated that during the Black News live stream.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ideally, music should be in the key of middle C. Members refer to themselves as Hebrews. The presence of true prophecy does not prove the existence of G-d or validate a religion.

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