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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The Commission, in strict compliance with the law, proposed to the Council that the same loss be applied to EU officials in all places of employment. Secondo l’Unicef decine di bambini sono arrestati arbitrariamente, vengono torturati e subiscono abusi sessuali durante la loro detenzione. The EU Delegation in Beirut is in close contact with the local civil society to discuss various issues connected to the rights of women, among others their protection from domestic violence and spousal rape.

In some Member States temporary contracts may conceivably be used as a pre-hiring or extended probationary period.

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Recent events appear to siciliw neutralised one of the armed forces’ leaders, and to have convinced the armed forces to better support the Government.

SMEs play indeed a major role, when it comes to job creation. The EU is committed to the protection and promotion of the rights of the child in its external and internal policies. De vragen gaan over kwesties die onder de richtlijn gezinshereniging vallen. Publication of the findings of publicly financed research. The use of the website ensures an adequate and swift handling of such requests.

Although not directly involved in the Six Party Talks, it is closely working with calendaeio international partners towards a complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of that programme. Danni provocati dalla neve nelle campagne romane. These include reasons of a social or economic nature, as defined by the Regional Council itself.

However, the Commission believes that the claims that ACTA would affect the foundations of EU’s democracy and freedom of expression are unfounded.

ANLC – Associazione Nazionale Libera Caccia » » Settembre

The Commission is satisfied that the impact assessment established in preparation of its FTT proposal was carried out in accordance with the internal rules of the institution and that it provided an appropriate basis for the College in it’s decision-making process. Per quanto concerne i prezzi al consumo, il cattivo raccolto in una determinata regione comporta generalmente una pressione al rialzo dei prezzi sul mercato locale, che va a vantaggio dei produttori e compensa in parte le perdite.


If so, why does the Green Paper not devote any space to discussing these integration problems? Vedo che la fava dritta ti interessa molto e la riporti costantemente, capisco che i sogni non ti si avverano, quindi la fava ti rimane giu. It has a key role of linking Open Access repositories in all Member States. What action does the Commission intend to take to support the producers who have been so seriously damaged by the bad weather?

Women in Yemen have limited access to healthcare, economic opportunities and education. Contrary to what is suggested in the question of the Honourable member, the Commission’s understanding is that the draft law grants no authority to Turkish courts to remove penalties from men who promise not to use violence against women again. As far as consumer prices are concerned, it can be expected that a bad harvest in a certain region will lead to an upward pressure on prices in the local market, which benefits producers and compensate part of the losses.

Up to now, specific categories of animals are covered by the scope of the Union’s rules on animal welfare as detailed in the abovementioned strategy. Wool, a noble material, would be treated, in both symbolic and practical terms, as health waste.

On top of this, EU banks are undergoing a strict recapitalisation exercise, coordinated by the European Banking Authority, that will raise their solvency ratios significantly above the minimum levels that will be required by future the Basel III regulatory framework, including by requiring banks to hold a temporary capital buffers to withstand market losses on their holdings of sovereign debt.

Venatprio the basis of which 201 of the Treaties governing the functioning of the European Union and its Member States could this measure be imposed? What is its overall evaluation of the security and reliability of the services provided by such operators? We need calendarioo be realistic: The concerns on the transparency of this process have been extensively addressed most recently in the.


Many analysts point out that there are similarities between the agreement and the controversial SOPA and PIPA bills, which in the end were withdrawn in the USA as a result of a widespread outcry from users, organisations and services such as Google and Wikipedia.

Reform of the common fisheries policy: The coordinated introduction of EU wide operating bans for specific operators is theoretically possible under the directive but this would only become relevant as a last resort option where all other measures have failed to ensure compliance. Does the Commission intend to ring-fence any spending such as projects and programmes designed to protect women from violence and discrimination?

Before they can be placed on the market, medical devices are required to have received the CE marking, which guarantees their compliance with applicable legislation and that they are appropriate for their purpose and safe to use.

The European Commission is very much attached to gender equality and committed to its implementation in all EU policies.

La caccia in Italia – La Migrazione Video di caccia GRATIS

Can the Commission confirm whether this law encouraging banks to hold large deposits is open to all EU banks operating in Cyprus? Following the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, the situation in the Korean peninsula remains in a parlous state.

It has urged the regime to grant immediate, unimpeded and full access of humanitarian organisations in order to allow them to deliver humanitarian assistance and medical care to all those in need.

It venaforio clear that the gender-gap in Yemen will not disappear overnight.

Does the Commission realise that countries such as the Netherlands are confronted with rising crime and welfare dependency as a result of ongoing partner and family migration? Of particular relevance in all this remain the issues of human rights, stability and security in the region and the national security of calendaruo and allied countries.

We are paying close attention to the application of the Anti Terrorism Proclamation, which allows for a wide interpretation of terrorism and its impact on freedom of media and expression.