Full text of “Carnevil Carnevil Operations Manual” lX LISTED Operation Manual . SERIAL NUMBER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety. Midway CarnEvil Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Midway CarnEvil Operation Manual. View and Download Midway CarnEvil operation manual online. 2 Player Dedicated 25 inch Video Game. CarnEvil Arcade Game Machines pdf manual.

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Use appropriate care when transporting this game.

Switch off power to the game and unplug the A. Of course, game performance also depends on the condition of game hardware. Ensure that control is operating properly by placing in known good unit.

CarnEVIL manual – TAKEN

CarnEvil is a rail shooter arcade game using a light gun. The screen displays an illustration of each switch block and the current settings.

To play the game, you must also manually exit from the menu. Clean and inspect the lamp before reassembling.


Remove the spare parts stored in the cash box. Read the door label for additional information. You need not disconnect linking cables. Check continuity of both fluorescent lamp filaments. An immense circus tent that serves as the main attraction of CarnEvil. You can only select one highlighted item carneivl a time.


Set any switch, and then check the screen to verify that the new setting is enabled.

Check for reversed wires at one speaker. Verify that iamp operates by placing it in known good unit. Turn on game power. Aim a shotgun at the screen. Connector keys allow a connector to fit only one set of pins on a board. The most prominent ride is the Christmas-themed “Slay Ride” roller coaster, which starts and ends the stage and delivers the player to the boss fight.

Test line cord, power plug, and I. Troubleshoot or replace board and retest gun. This test may detect problems with ability to position the drive heads accurately over the requested data. Remove and save the screws at the top and sides of the rear door.

Remove the screws and set the grilles aside. The following product guidelines apply to all game operators and service personnel.

Apply cleaner to a clean cloth or sponge. Use the volume buttons on the control switch bracket to change the sound level of the game. Recalibrate Guns assists you in restoring shotgun accuracy to original software performance. Surface Scan The magnetic material on the disk can become damaged, causing data to be unreadable. Appears to be on continuously dimly lit during game play. You may remove it from the game without affecting other game play characteristics. If required, install the extra padlock through the hasp at this time.


Highlight a line item with the middle two control buttons inside the coin door. Remove two large and two small screws holding the board assembly in place and retain them along with their washers.

Check bottom and rear of cabinet for blocked air flow. To make major changes, press and hold a button. Inspect CPU Board assembly. Use four control pushbuttons inside the control section of the cabinet to choose line items. Use the highlight bar to seiect the desired subject.

Reset High Scores allows you to clear the high score table.

Download carnevil arcade manual | Diigo Groups

You may have installed devices in wrong sockets. To eliminate this interference, reduce light levels and recalibrate the shotguns.

If present, remove the ground wire. Fuse voltage and current ratings must match ratings on the original fuse. These tests automatically verify and report the condition of the disk drive and other hardware. Reinstall the rear door onto the cabinet and close it.

Unlock and open rear cabinet door. The screen displays and constantly updates player scores. Bright overhead lights occasionally interfere with optical gun operation. To make minor changes, press either button briefly.