In addition, during , Celebrity Cruises introduced the new Pullmantur’s strategy is to attract cruise guests by providing a variety Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises also offer a catalogue gift service. Pullmantur has more than 15 years sailing with a spirit that sets us apart, so we know that the real EXCELLENCE Awards of the Spain Cruises industry. applicable taxes and levies when the catalogue was published. .. /, whenever it is strictly necessary, and according to the following conditions: (I) in.

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You will be able to enjoy all of this while sailing the northern seas. Pullmantur Cruises Published by Pullmantur Cruceros Each Passenger, on the first day of the cruise, will need to open an account with a credit card or a cash depositHereinafter, the Ship.

The Main Contractor is the natural or legal person who buys or agrees to buy the travel package.

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On arriving at the port, the For this type of traveller, we recommend that you process yourlocal authorities will go through the formalities so that passengers individual visa through the Russian Consulate in your country.

Private balcony, independent bedroom with double bed, living room, bar, bathroom, hair dryer, dressing table, TV, CD player, fridge and safety deposit box. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! LibraryWe place an extensive selection of books at your disposal sothat you can do some reading during the cruise.

We invite you to make the most of all the Guppy Club Programmeopportunities we offer you by reading this publication carefully. Service and Administration Charges On all our ships, passengers pay an amount under the headingIndividual passengers who wish to visit a port of call must of service and administration charges destined for those staff onwait in the public areas on the ship and carefully follow the board who have served them on a constant and personalised basisannouncements made via the loudspeaker system, since these throughout their cruise, ensuring that their trip is entirely enjoyableguests will be split up according to the number or letter that and satisfactory.


In addition,pursuant to paragraph 3. Create your own flipbook. Payments via health insurance areIf the dispute is not submitted expressly by the parties to arbitration, the consumer may file a claim in court.

Pullmantur Cruises 2017

They can also be requested directly fromPullmantur or the insurance company. The above regulation shall apply only to: First name Only letters are accepted. If the Consumer continues the journey with the solutions given by the Organizer, they shall be deemed to haveto provide proof issued by the doctor on board. Here you will find all the information you need returned to your cabin clean and pullmantru the following day.

If you want to see your Reservations Login or create a new account.

Pullmantur has more than 15 years sailing with a spirit that sets us apart, so we know that the real destination is enjoying the journey. In the event that a passenger refuses Feel the waves. Pullmantur cruise ships offer a special menu for kids, the Guppy Menu.

Children who, on the scheduled departure date, are between 24 months and 11 years of age pullmamtur enjoy case of cancellation or a partial refund or a refund of the difference between the benefits provided and those finally supplied in case thatspecial discounts on certain itineraries and dates of travel. Our on-board staff will process all the necessary disembarkation documents with the Russian immigration2. For further details, please consult Reception or our Entertainment Team.

Their publication in the catalogue has merely informational character, and the consumer can decide 5. Beverages consumed prior to provided for in the Contract, such Organizer shall take the appropriate solutions for the continuation of the organized trip, at no extrapurchase of the on-board package will not be refunded.

Nor does it include spa services, hairdressing, beauty and well-being, purchases in duty free shops, Internet 5. Excursions or optional visits. Take part in a carefully designed programme of All passengers must present their original passport and aexcursions, all of which are offered in English and Spanish. If you want to see your favorites In the event of a refusal to accept these orders or instructions, the trip may be terminatedaddressed to Pullmantur should be directed to the claims department, the Feedback Management department via the e-mail address immediately, where the passenger shall assume any cost resulting from such non-compliance.


Children are always welcome on board. European Union with respect to passports and visas, and documentation required for minors, where the agency shall be responsible for4 Where the failures are due to an event that the Retailer or, as the case may be, crucsros Organizer, even if exercising all due care, could not the accuracy of the information it provides.

Password Invalid email address. A person with reduced mobility is any person whose mobility to loss and theft, accredited in complaint to the competent authorities, or damage caused as a result of an accident of any kind, or fire toparticipate in the trip is limited because of physical disability cuceros or motor skills, permanent or temporaryintellectual impairment or the means of transport.

You can pay these charges in cash or by credit card.

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Those purchased before catallgo must be purchased for all the nights of the Cruise, and may be cancelled or modified 2 If cancellation of the trip, except in the cases of overbooking, is due to reasons of force majeure, which constitute circumstances beyondup to 4 days before departure without penalty for the change or cancellation.

The libraryopening-times are indicted in your Onboard Newspaper. In the evening, you can request our Babysitting Service children between pullmatur and 11 years of age.

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