View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: User Guide. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. Celestron C5+ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Celestron C5+ Instruction Manual. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. Brand: Celestron | Category.

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General Observing Hints Your Celestron C5 can be used for both terrestrial and astronomical photography. Getting Started see figure Installing The Finderscope Attaching the eyepiece directly to the C5 rear cell. To attach the C5 to a photographic tripod: Installing the Finderscope The C5 spotting scope come standard with a terrestrial erect image 8×20 finder.

The C5, moreover, was viewed as a second scope rather than a beginner’s scope; the C8 outsold the C5 by about a three-to-one margin.

The higher cost meant a smaller profit margin, and when demand for telescopes burgeoned in the years before the return of Comet Halley, Celestron decided to drop the C5, inin order to concentrate on production of the C8. Then, too, Celestron had completely redesigned the C5 series. This is impo rtant for terrestr ial photog ra ph y w here exposure. Care And Maintenance To check the collimation of your C5 you will need a light source. The tube itself weighs about 7 pounds 3 kg ; the drive and mount about 9 pounds 4 kgand the wedge another 7 pounds 3 kg.

This turns your C5 into a mm telephoto lens perfect for terrestrial photography and short exposure lunar photography. Introduction All models have rugged, durable housings to give you a lifetime of pleasure with a minimal amount of maintenance.


The Unofficial C5+ Home Page

Products or instructions may change without notice or obligation. Indeed, it’s not heavy.

If the star moves too rapidly through the field of view of the spotting scope, use Polaris. This made a portable scope attractive in in a way that it wasn’t in It makes a difference when you have to nip and tuck your schedule here and celedtron to scrape together a half an hour to do some observing.

Celestron C5 Instruction Manual

Multiplying 5 by 60 gives a maximum useful magnification of power. To be sure, not all of the objects in the database were actually visible through the N5 from most sites, but Meade had forced Celestron’s hand somewhat with the ETX’s own oversized database. This manual is broken down into several sections. In July, Celestron finally announced the Nexstar 5.

Celestron C5+ Manuals

Also See for C5 Operating manual – 17 pages Instruction manual – 69 pages. Optional Accessories Used with any eyepiece, it doubles the magnification of that eyepiece.

Ceestron it, continue to print. So why buy a smaller scope for the same amount of money? Then, in Decemberafter a hiatus of 7 years, Celestron suddenly reintroduced the C5. The N5i added on an autoguider port, as well as an auxiliary port that allowed manuxl with Celestron’s GPS accessory.

The general rule is that 60 power can be used for every inch of aperture. Aligning the Finder The Celestron C5 comes with a 8x20mm finder that helps in aiming at manyal objects that are hard to find in the narrow field of the spotting scope.

As the name implies, this telescope, like other recent editions, included the StarBright XLT coatings. Celestron cslestron ended the run of the N5i, also in Table of Contents Add majual my manuals Add. But the C5 manufacturing process was dogged by unexpectedly high costs right from the beginning. The 2x Ultima Barlow is a compact triplet design that is fully multicoated for maximum light transmission and parfocal when used with the Ultima eyepieces.


Although this design resulted in lower materials costs, the tolerances for each part were correspondingly tighter as well.

Janual us what’s missing. These telescopes allow one to align the telescope on any three bright objects in the sky, without needing to know which objects they are. Also, the twin-arm fork had been replaced by a one-armed mount that reduced its weight even further.

Wh e n using a. All models have rugged, durable housings to give you a lifetime of pleasure with a minimal amount of manuual. So portability wasn’t Celestron’s initial motive in bringing out the C5—cost was. Your First Look C5 and better familiarize yourself with its operation. The most immediately obvious difference was the clean white tube that graced the new telescope. Finally, there was the C5 spotting scope. The upshot manuak that it cost Celestron more to manufacture the C5 than the C8, even though they couldn’t actually charge more for it.

Also, it had a more robust 6×30 finder, rather than the spindly 5×24 of the Classic, and enhanced coatings on its optics.