I am using CFCHART in coldfusion to plot a line graph with 2 series of data (percentage for a date). The problem I’m having is that if one. I just wondering if you could help me with cfchart y-axis. ColdFusion for some reason auto format y-axis with number, for example the value of. Adam Cameron investigates some dodgy behaviour that CFCHART engages in.

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Specify the directory in which you want to save the chart style file. Using the zoom attribute. Supported for two-dimensional charts.

Adam Cameron’s Dev Blog: CFCHART phones home

Pie chart from database. Generates and displays a chart. To turn off this feature, you can either modify the setting in all the chart style files, or use a custom style file.

All Size chartWidth chartHeight The width and height, in pixels, of the chart. The font attribute specifies the font for all text.

The default value is number. Sets the background color s color Defines the angle of the bevel. Hexadecimal value or supported named color; see name list in the Usage section. Relative positions of series in charts that have more than one data series. You can also import data from a database and create a chart pie based on a go of values. The cfchsrt value is white. Using the scales attribute. By default, the minimum is 0 or the lowest negative chart data value, and the maximum is the largest data value.


See How to Ask. Color of text, grid lines, and labels. Two series line chart. The xAxisTitle and yAxisTitle attributes specify the title for each axis.

Controlling chart appearance

The showMarkers attribute displays markers at the data points for two-dimensional line, curve, and scatter charts. The default value is sliced. Distance in px indicating the distance from the object the bevel should be displayed. ColdFusion MX 7 Added style and title attributes. Modify the cfhart contents. ColdFusion 10 Added the following new attributes: You can enter a six-digit value, which specifies the RGB value, or an eight-digit value, which specifies the RGB value and tl transparency.

Writing a chart to a variable

ColdFusion MX Added this tag. A fill angle of zero displays a vertical gradient from top background-color-1 to bottom background-color The scale value lets you create graphs of numeric relationships, such as population against age.

Added the xAxisType and yAxisType attributes. The fontItalic attribute specifies to display all text as italic. Cfchar can specify the height and width in percentages. Modify only attributes specified in the file. Creating a pie chart.


ColdFusion Help | Writing a chart to a variable

For all other color values, enter the hexadecimal value. Sites and applications always use charts to depict data that can otherwise be cfchatr for users to read and understand. Chart with fill attribute. The show3D attribute displays the chart in three dimensions. Attribute WebCharts3D command colorlist Elements: The default foreground color is black; the default background colors are white. Added support for responsive client-side charts.

A struct of keys related to fill such as: The number can be between 1 and 1, where “-1” specifies 90 degrees left and “1” specifies 90 degrees right. For pie charts, the color is that of the first slice. You can create a pie chart using hard-coded values in cfchartdata, as shown below: If you cfchwrt more colors than data points, the extra colors cfchrt not used.

Generates the graph as binary data and assigns it to the specified variable. The foregroundColor attribute specifies the border color. If you use numeric format, use double number signs; for example, blue or FF33CC.

Removed the rotated attribute.