Fateful Triangle has ratings and 41 reviews. طارق (Tarek) said: After reading several of Chomsky’s books, I have more and more respect for this autho. Chomsky’s ‘Fateful Triangle’: An Exchange In reviewing Chomsky’s book I had raised the question as to whether an alien immigrant. Fateful Triangle. The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians. Updated Edition. Noam Chomsky. Pluto Press. London.

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Chomsky has himself been a victim of defamation by the Anti- Defamation League and knows whereof he speaks. In any case, as you may have noticed, Chomsky does not dispute the historical reality of “the Holocaust. Wall Street Journal and papers on the left i. Liberty, an attack which, according to Chomsky’s count, left 34 American crewmen dead and another 75 wounded.

Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians by Noam Chomsky

Preview — Fateful Chlmsky by Noam Chomsky. We will certainly establish order in the Middle East and in the world. Refresh and try again. These purposes are clear enough today, and have been clear to those who chose to understand for many years: May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

A scientist perhaps on the level with the great names in history, a psychologist as accomplished perhaps as much as Freud and Jung, who has turned his critical, evaluative eye from linguistics to how the world works. Chomsky does not attempt to present a balanced work here.


Fateful Triangle

Of course, one of Wiesel’s repeated accusations against “the world” is that it did not say or do enough about “the Holocaust” while it was in progress. On Power and Ideology.

Lists with This Book. Nazi Germany also had pictures of how the Danish people greeted the April conquest with flowers This is a needless and polemical reference to the Holocaust. That being said, his citations are very disorganized, requiring that one spend a great deal of time in the library just to check their legitimacy. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. What better way would there be to moderate Israeli policies than to cut off or at least drastically reduce American aid to Israel?

Selected Readings on Transformational Theory. Having read numerous books both by Chomsky and on the Palestine question, I can comfortably say that ‘The Fateful Triangle’ is the most impressive.

Fateful Triangle

Likewise, the demonization – and dehumanization – of the Palestinians continues today in both the American and Israeli media. Lives on the Left. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Feb 25, Rifat Mana rated it really liked it. In Chomsky’s view, the Lebanon war was carried out to smash the Palestinian state-within-a-state in Lebanon for two reasons: The Case for Peace.


Combine editions please 3 20 Dec 22, To ask other readers questions about Fateful Triangleplease sign up. This book is what you can typically expect from a Noam Chomsky book, ridiculously detailed in its sources, to the point that it is crippling to even verify them.

Poorly written – don’t bother. Who Rules the World?

Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians

It was, he argues, this very trend of moderation that Israel saw as most threatening. The Case for Israel. Chomsky is an honorable follower to the likes of Orwell, and cuts through all the media campaigns, falsehoods, lies, and general misinformation per After reading several of Chomsky’s books, I have more and more respect triagnle this author and thinker.

Again, the annals of Stalinism come to mind, with the outrage over Trotskyite “critical support” for the “workers’ state.