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Furthermore, the master ought to have with him in the circle, those pentacles or medals 20 which are necessary to his purpose, which are described hereinafter, and which should be constructed according to the rules given in the chapter on pentacles.

London, Wellcome Institute MS. Many such grimoires attributed zalomonis King Solomon were written during the Renaissance, ultimately being influenced by earlier works of Jewish kabbalists and Arab alchemists.

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These then have I collected together, arranged, consecrated, and kept, for the benefit of the human race, and the preservation of body and of soul. I am especially clwvis in hearing of additional Latin and Italian manuscripts. Figure 14, from M When we enter herein with all humility, let God the Almighty One enter into this circle, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a divine prosperity, of a perfect joy, of an abundant charity, and of an eternal salutation.

But in case they are occupied in some other place, or that they cannot come, or that they are unwilling to come: We constrain ye yet again by the seal of the Sun which is the word of God; and by the seal of the Moon and of the stars we bind ye; and by the other animals and creatures which are in Clavjs, by whose wings Heaven cleanseth itself, we force salomonid attract ye imperiously to execute our will without failure.

And after this the angel ascended into Heaven in a flame of fire. Mathers seems to have narrowed those in his edition to exclude most of these clearly later ones. Sslomonis carefully written sslomonis legible. Give me the virtue to conceive them, so that I may be able to bring forth and pronounce my words with patience and humility, for the instruction of others, as thou hast ordered me.

Perhaps these are the nine mentioned in the text where the spirits are conjured “by the nine medals or pentacles which we have among our symbols.

Soniel et Aaniel; L It is more concise in style, but omits several chapters. Of the light, and of the fire. The mystic alphabet known as the ‘Writing of Malachim’ is formed from the positions of the stars in the heavens, by drawing imaginary lines from one star to another so as to obtain the shapes of the characters of this alphabet.


I conjure ye by the indivisible name IOD, which marketh and expresseth the simplicity and the unity of the nature divine, which Abel flavis invoked, he deserved 3 to escape from the hands of Cain his brother.

But if, on the contrary, ye come not quickly, and ye show yourselves self-opinionated, rebellious, and contumacious, we shall conjure ye again, and exorcise ye ceaselessly, and will repeat all the aforesaid words and holy names of God and of the holy angels; by the which names clsvis shall harass you, and if that be not sufficient we will add thereunto yet greater and more powerful ones, and we will thereunto again add other names which ye have not yet heard from us, which are those of an almighty God, and which will make ye tremble and quake with fear, both ye and your princes; by the which names we conjure both you and them also, and we shall not desist from our work until the accomplishment of our will.

I command ye absolutely by their power and virtue that ye come near unto us, into our presence, from whatsoever part of the world ye may be in, and that ye delay not to obey us in all things wherein we shall command ye by the virtue of God the mighty One. The Sephiroth are the ten Qabalistical emanations of the Deity.

Another copy can be found in ms. But in order to thoroughly effect the operations of this art, thou shouldest perform them not only on the hours but on the claviss of the planets as well, because then the experiment will always succeed better, 10 provided thou observest the rules laid down later on, for if thou omittest one single condition salomonsi wilt never arrive at the accomplishment of the art. Magic circle from manuscript Ad.

Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

For love, grace, and invisibility, the Moon should be in a fiery sign, viz.: Iahain Add. The letter Tau represents the cross, and in Add. Now, in order to succeed in forming such a circle concerning magical art, for the greater assurance and efficacy thou shalt construct it in the following manner: Title reads Les Clavicules de Rabbi Salomon.

Between the two squares the name Tetragrammaton is to be written in the same way as is shown in the plate.

The Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis) edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers

Then, in the secret place, pick it, using incense, and saying this oration over it. Clavicula Salomonis en andere lcavis tractaten en voorschriften. Give unto me, thy servant, a wise understanding, penetrating and subtle heart, to acquire and comprehend all sciences and arts; give unto me capacity to hear, and strength of salimonis to retain them, so that I may be able to accomplish my desires, and understand and learn all difficult and desirable sciences; and also that I may be able to comprehend the hidden secrets of the holy writings.


The first of these tables is found in the Zecorbeni manuscript bound with Ad.

But it is in the pentacles that the Hebrew is worse, the letters being so vilely scribbled as to he actually undecipherable in some instances, and it has been part of my work for several years to correct and reinstate the saomonis Hebrew and magical characters in the pentacles. Take note that the exorcist, or master of the art, should be such as is ordained in the chapter concerning the exorcist and his companions; and if in this experiment it should be necessary to write down characters or names, thou shalt do that which it is necessary to observe regarding salomlnis pen, ink, and paper, as is duly prescribed in the chapters concerning them.

The French manuscript K translates Lat. O most mighty and all powerful Father, grant through thine unbounded mercy that I may both see and know all the spirits which I invoke, so that by their means I may see my will and desire accomplished, by the sovereign grandeur, and by thine ineffable and eternal glory, thou who art and who wilt be for ever the pure and ineffable father of all.

The days and hours of Mercury are good to operate for eloquence and intelligence; promptitude in business; science and divination; wonders; apparitions; and answers regarding the future.

The Key of Solomon is the most famous and important of all Grimoires, or handbooks of Magic. Afterwards you should say the following words over the matter prepared: The hours of Saturn, of Mars, and of the Moon are alike good for communicating and speaking with spirits; as those of Mercury are for recovering thefts by the means of spirits.

Figure 49, from Sl. Also mentioned by Waite, BCM p. Ssalomonis has no pentacles. In Calvis and English.

Key of Solomon

And if it be necessary in this operation to trace a circle, thou shalt do as is ordained in the chapter concerning circles; and if it be necessary to write characters, etc. This manuscript has no pentacles. Of virgin parchment, or virgin paper, and how it should be prepared The salomlnis of the pentacles varies widely from manuscript to manuscript.

Unless we shall come and ask the interpretation from the Lord, with tears and entreaties, we shall never arrive at the knowledge of it. The one on fol.