Constitucionalismo mestizo. Más allá del colonialismo de los Derechos Humanos: Books – Constitucionalismo mestizo: más allá del colonialismo de los derechos humanos . Salvatore Bonfiglio. Köp. Skickas inom vardagar. Seller, Price, Seller rating. , No price, No rating. Barnes&, No price, No rating. Books-A-Million, No price, No rating. IndieBound, No price.

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Skickas inom vardagar.

Intercultural Constitutionalism – E-bok – Salvatore Bonfiglio () | Bokus

Starting from the premise that every culture is and always was intercultural, this book elaborates a new, and more fundamentally, pluralist view of the relationship between rights and cultural identity. Yuste Foundation organises an international seminar that analyses the innovations and challenges that the Colombian process implies as far as transitions towards peace are concerned.

No culture is pure; from the perspective of an irreducible cultural contamination, this book argues, it is possible to formulate constitutional idea of diversity that is properly intercultural. I partiti e la democrazia. Per una rilettura dell’art.


This concept of intercultural constitutionalism is not, then, based on abstract principles, but nor is it bound to any particular cultural norm.

Rather, intercultural constitutionalism allows the interpretation of rights, rules and legal principles, which are established in different contexts. The peace process is the constituciomalismo means that intends to include mextizo international standards in terms of transactional justice and entails a significant reform of fonstitucionalismo Colombian legal order in order to comply with the measures envisaged in the Agreement, including constitucionalismoo introduction of a transitory title of the Constitution and a determination to introduce development in territories that have suffered the abandonment of the State.

This seminar tackles the innovations that the Colombian process implies in the transitions to reach peace as well as the problems and challenges it poses. Once the Final Agreement between the FARC-EP guerrillas and the Colombian State has been signed, a period of peace construction begins in order to put an end to an armed conflict that has lasted 52 years and has left more than 8 million direct victims behind, among cases of displacement, homicides, forced disappearances, tortures and secrets.


Some of the participants are: Nowadays, all cultures tend to claim an equitable arrangement that can be articulated in the terms of fundamental rights and in the multicultural organization of the State. Bloggat om Intercultural Constitutionalism.

It will thus count with first level specialists on the matter and with people who actively negotiated in the process. This book argues that the effective protection of fundamental rights in a contemporary, multicultural society requires not only tolerance and respect for others, but also an ethics of reciprocity and a pursuit of dialogue between different cultures of human rights.