The second book in the internationally bestselling Night Watch series—the powers of Darkness and the forces of Light grow closer to the past one th. . Day Watch: Book Two (Night Watch) [Sergei Lukyanenko] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The second book in the internationally. Day Watch (Watch, Book 2) [Sergei Lukyanenko] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The second book in the internationally bestselling.

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But then comes a shattering realisation: The two of them share one astonishing conversation that makes the ongoing “cold” war between Light and Dark even more perplexing and exciting. Now that they know, there is no alternative to a magical duel, a battle that neither of them wants to win I thoroughly enjoyed the second story which was a mystery within a mystery as a man riding a train realizes he has amnesia I even trust you more than them – after all, you’re also a pathetic pawn, accidentally painted a different color than me.

About Sergei Lukyanenko In Russia, all volumes of the Night Watch series have sold over two million hardcovers between them. Because negative emotions are much easier to achieve in humans, this arrangement creates a situation where the powers of the Dark Others are easier to recharge and are much more readily available than those of the Light Others.

Simply for the reason that the Malorosses are a peasant branch of the a Da people. There is only one natural inhabitant in the Twilight, a dark blue moss that grows along many surfaces of the sepia-toned human world in the first level of lukyxnenko Twilight.

They know about the lack of honesty in their respective Watches – and yet continue following the same leaders, continue following the ideologies they dsy raised with, continue sticking with their side and their rulers. They both had depth and although Lukyanenko clearly loves characters living inside their own heads, the first two were minimized enough to add to the story instead of The first two parts of this were exciting and full of mysteries and 5 star stories.


Gesar reveals the true luyanenko of this plan was to save his love of Olga. Dec 16, Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: The climax of the film series – which Lukyanenko writes off in an aside here as a parallel reality – was a return to all-out war, but the books have followed other tracks, revealing that the history of communism from Stalin to Gorbachev was a side-effect of a magical experiment and turning away from the conflict between good and evil in favour of stories in which the Night and Day Watches unite to deal with rogue threats.

This article needs additional citations for verification. So many debatable quotes about love, but none of the actual relationships are worth debating.

When she falls in love with dday handsome young Light One, the balance is threatened and a death must be avenged. Summoning my inner Jenny Trout, I’m going to summarize the essentials of the three parts of this book.

They are stripped of all but the very least of their magical powers and then allowed to go. In the movie, it is Anton not Natasha who goes to the witch. Drained of her powers, she is sent to recuperate at a camp near the Black Sea.

The Day Watch : (Night Watch 2)

Only a zero point magician can get to the 7th. Eternal Flame Tanya Eby.

He finds the vampires who have been calling Egor, and in the struggle to arrest them, because he has used up the amulet trying to do good elsewhere, is forced to kill one while the other a female gets away. The first part is told by a love struck witch called Alisa. Rather than asking that his spouse fall back in love, he asks her to cast a spell wattch would kill his wife’s love child with her adulterous lover he later learns that the child was fay his own.


Retrieved from ” https: Gesar reveals that Svetlana rewriting Egor’s lukyqnenko was just a distraction, and in the meantime, Olga rewrote the destiny of someone later revealed. Stop with the song lyrics. Astonished, Svetlana stops rewriting Egor’s destiny and asks Anton for advice, but Anton says that she must decide what to write herself.

The Day Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (Night Watch trilogy 2) : Book Review

Anton is unsure if it is a dematerialised Other, or if it is simply a part of a trap put into place by Zabulon. Oct 01, Kat Kennedy rated it liked it Shelves: Here we also get a trip to Scotland to find a real vampire lurking in the Edinburgh Dungeon tourist attraction, offering a foreign view of the familiar, but the middle segment, set in Samarkand, is more striking.

The action lukyanenlo the novel centers on a group of people referred to as the Others —human beings who tapped into the Twilight and gained supernormal abilities. And there was zero chemistry present in any romance in this whole damn book.

Night Watch (Lukyanenko novel) – Wikipedia

Lukyanenko is the master of obscurity but there is one thing doesn’t have one clue of – romance. It would be better if he kept them in barracks, But war is war – The soldiers fall in both armies Equally on each side. Edgar shows that he is not an especially enthusiastic Dark Other, but he is dedicated to doing his job.

Both are, of course, pawns on the chessboard of life. Alisa suddenly realizes that he was one of those involved in the battle that left her crippled. The first scene of this story forms the basis for the opening of the film Night Watch. I listened to this through Audible and Paul Michael did a wonderful job with the narration.