there is any difference between Duas of Shia and Sunni like Dua e Mashkool etc ? is it same for every Muslim. Answer. We do not know Dua-e-Mashkool. Wilayat Mission features the English Translation of Dua Mashlool. Printer friendly PDF includes arabic and transliteration. Attention! Before the software update, uninstall the previous version. Here are the status: (En) 1- Lovely and beautiful interface 2- Audio play 3- Optional playing.

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O He Who bestows requests!

O Ordainer of every destiny. So, do to me what is worthy of You, O All-generous! O Refuge of those who have no refuge; O Treasure of those who have no treasure.

English Translation of Dua Mashlool – Wilayat Mission

It drives away poverty and sickness. O You that did choose Musa by means of Your inspired words.

Next day fully cured, mashliol came to Imam Ali and said that he had recited this Dua as advised and went to sleep. O Resurrector; O Inheritor. It brings countless blessings.


Domestic affairs are set aright. Dya are for given. O Thou that being Exalted overwhelmest; O Thou that being Master of all hast absolute power; O Thou, who dja hidden art well informed; O Thou that being disobeyed forgiveth; O Thou Whom no thought can fully comprehend; nor sight perceive mashlook from whom any impression is hidden, O Nourisher of Mankind; O Ordainer of every destiny. O You that are informed of all intentions.

O Reliever; O Helper. O Lord of Honor and Supremacy. O Praised; O Adored. O He Who removes troubles! O Lofty; O Great.

O Patron of the faithful. O Lord of Honour and Omnipotence:. O You Knower of all things. O He Who answers all supplications! O Sender of the winds! O You Seer of all things. O You that raises men in rank and degree; O You that accedes to requests; O You that brings the dead to life; O You that gathers together that which is scattered.

O Thou that didst answer the prayer of Yunus from the darkness. Mercy and forgiveness of sins are the main advantages the almighty Allah makes available if this dua’a is recited regularly.


It brings countless blessings. O You that accedes to requests.

English Translation of Dua Mashlool

O most perfect Requiter of good and evil; O You whose help is sought for. Through Imam Hussain asws it is reported that one day He and His Father, after performing Hajj, caught sight of a paralysed young man crying his eyes out in repentance.

O He Who fortified John, the son of Zachariah, against sins. O my Friend in my loneliness.

O He for Whom the difficult is simple and easy! Oh Lord of great Glory. Verily Allah is the Honoured, the Wise” O You that did forgive the omission of Adam.