Dunning Procedures for Customer Configuration Steps in SAP. T-Code: FBMP. Path: Business transactions -> Dunning ->Define Dunning procedure. Step 1. 1) Configuration Steps: a) Basic setting for Dunning i) Define Dunning Areas (T Code OB61) – Optional ii) Define Dunning Keys (T Code OB17). FICO Configuration for defining dunning procedures. Transaction FBMP or In this configuration activity we are able to define dunning procedures. I am SAP BPC Certified Application Associate with a good process understanding of FICO.

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It enables you to handle the process from, for example, sending a reminder to customers of their outstanding payments through to referring such customers to collections agencies. October 29, at 1: Interest indicator — this field is used to specify the interest indicator for items on the customer master using this procedure. February 26, at September 14, at 8: October 29, at 7: These are different for customer and vendor credit memos. Again, we will copy an existing entry and give it a unique text.

We have assigned company code with reference to Dunning Level and not cinfiguration Dunning area. Thank you for your sharing. During every dunning run, the system then checks coniguration the run date is at least this number of days 14 days since the date of the last dunning run. Since down payments are only included in the dunning run in exceptional cases, each down payment item contains a field for the dunning block.

They determine the dunning interval, the grace periods for the due date determination, and the number of dunning levels. So that the content of dunning notice will be different to dunning level.


For inserting dunning forms, click Dunning Texts and assign the required forms for the dunning text with reference to dunning Level. Wap Julie, you as well! Could you give an example of when Dunning letters would be produced based on the following configuration: We determine at which intervals the allocated accounts are to be dunn ed for every dunning procedure.

Our current configration is set with a Dunning Interval of 21 days, and Days in arrears of 30, 51, 72 and 93 for the four dunning levels. Blocked items or accounts are not considered for the dunning run Path: When defining the dunning procedure we must specify which down payment types are included in the dunning run. In the dunning run, we can offset existing credit notes with outstanding invoices. The dunning areas with the required dunning procedures are to be entered into the customer or vendor master record if you use different dunning procedures.

Enter the company code you want and proceed. The down payment also contains a due date field, which the system automatically fills with the document date. Due by end of Next Month Invoice Date: The dunning program treats a down payment received as a sxp memo and reduces the receivables by the sxp of the down payment.

SAP FI Dunning Procedure for Customer Outstanding Invoices

Incoming payments that are not based on invoices. Select Always Dun in legal dunning proc for not missing any dunning notices. In this example, for simplicity, we will use a standard for each level. The dunning letter is generated via sap program and send at customer address for reminding the customer outstanding payment. Define Block reason for Dunning Notices. In case the customer has different language and the form contains different language, then please follow the document attached to translate the source language to target language.


Have a good day!

Define Dunning Procedures | FBMP

All other credit memos due are assigned to the highest dunning level determined so far for ij account they belong to. Highest level is 4 – Print Sep: The system sets this block automatically. Invoices that include installments 3. Thank you so much Sattaiah! Former Member Post author.

What can be the error. Dunning Area Configuration Screen In this example, we will copy the entries from configurration existing company code to a new company code: December 26, at 5: Anyone can gico if it is possible to automatically post the same interest during the dunning procedure. Dunning Area is typically used by an organization that requires Dunning for specific organizational units within a company codesuch as a profit centersales organizationetc.

November 29, at 9: Your email address will not be published. Incoming payments that are not based on invoices II.

Good Resource for All. Otherwise, the system uses the standard dunning procedure. August 17, at 4: Thank you for you comment Shobhnath! Go to previous lesson: Besides the main configuration, there are five other segments to be configured for dunning as dunning procedures.

Currently we have configured to schedule Dunning job daily in the background that will print. Name — assign a meaningful name.

Currency Euro is assigned during adding the dunning charge Path: