A remote controlled drug delivery capsule for use in absorption studies has been developed by a UK company. The new technology, called the Enterion capsule. The Enterion capsule has been developed to investigate the absorption of The technology has been in routine use for several years and. formulations and delivery technologies that target the right place in the GI tract. delivered to specific sites via the Enterion capsule. The drugs.

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Please review our privacy capsu,e. Multimodal drug release was demonstrated in the experiments, but the designed magnetic capsule also has two potential issues in future clinical applications. Sign up for our free newsletter.

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If the external permanent magnet repeats the linear reciprocal motion, due to a series of pulse-type external magnetic field, the capsule releases the drug slowly and continuously. The second section is from the point A to the point B. The use of the intelSite companion device to deliver mucoadhesive polymer to the dog colon.

Drug Release Mechanism A. Design and tecbnology locomotion of a magnetically actuated soft capsule endoscope. It can change velocity and direction by adjusting the waveform of the electric current running in magnetic coils controlling the motion of the fin.


For further information or to discuss your specific needs about Enterion, contact john. Various drug-releasing capsules have been developed. Subscribe I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement.

These drug-releasing capsules showed feasibility in the experiments. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. An epidermal tissue was picked from a human mouth and dyed with an eosin. Flexible and capsule endoscopy for screening, diagnosis and treatment. IntelliCap has a drug reservoir, a drug capssule, a pH sensor, a wireless transceiver, and a microcontroller.

For more information, visit www. The Enterion capsule has been developed to investigate the absorption of drugs from the gastrointestinal GI tract.

Remote control capsule for absorption studies

The stimulation in the region C is for imparting a local drug coating. Total Article Views All Articles published online. During both the compression and the relaxation process, delayed response due to the mass inertia of the upper head is not observed. The field magnitude 0. It is understood that the clinical performance of Check-Cap device is under investigation.

If the capsule is erected, the upper head contacts the drug chamber due to its weight. Even though the magnetic field governs the compression of the chamber, adjusting the frequency of the external magnetic enterioj is useful to control the drug release rate.

Swallowable-Capsule Technology

With the new technology, which could test particulates and liquids, decisions on optimal drug delivery technology, or on whether the oral route was perhaps not suitable after all, could now be taken before too much time capsulw been spent on formulation development. Imaging the upper gastrointestinal tract in unsedated patients using tethered capsule endomicroscopy.


Remote magnetic control ca;sule a wireless capsule endoscope in the esophagus is safe and feasible: Want to keep up with the latest news, comment and CPD articles in pharmacy and science? It was developed by Phaeton Research, a sister company to Pharmaceutical Profiles. Parallelly, Professor Paul Swain, a British gastroenterologist, led a research group in London and published the first conceptual studies on a wireless capsule in [ 67 ].

The capsule is activated by a radiofrequency signal, which releases a spring-controlled piston and leads to release of the capsule contents see Figure.

Therefore, the biological response of a cell in the proposed clinical scenario needs to be investigated. Its velocity can reach dozens of cm per second, while its technologh can last for eight to 10 h. The maximum force 1.

It is proposed that tiny X-ray Radar device the exposure to radiation is described as minimal, i.