Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. The Etheric Double has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. First published in This is first in the series of five books by the same author. This classic text. Powell for his orderly presentation of statements and ideas current in the ; time . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary.

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However these books must be read in the following order: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

The premature unfoldment of Kundalini intensifies also everything in the nature, reaching in fact the lower evil qualities more readily than the good. This phenomenon is usually known as magnetic sympathy, and many cases may be read of in the literature of the subject.

The operator looks through a dark screen at the light for half a minute or longer, and then at the patient through a pale screen, when he finds he is able to perceive the aura. The matter of the astral body is in a condition of constant movement, the particles flowing and swirling about like those of boiling water, and all of them pass in turn through each of the force-centres. The book was published in and since then research in this field has progressed quite a bit; nonetheless, this book is a quick, interesting and useful read based on clairvoyant observations and the knowledge of the Theosophy school and so is not so subject to time as a ny times bestseller.

Others prefer to speak of the “lower and higher astral”. The sides of the Rays are usually, though not always, parallel, and rarely fan-shaped; the ends become pointed and fade away, especially when issuing from the tips dobule the fingers. Consciousness of feelings of others. The longer the Poowell persists the coarser become the granules.

Crawford and Baron von Schrenck Notzing. Either the periphery of the etheric aura, which follows the shape of and is slightly larger than the physical body, may be densified, eetheric an ovoid shell of etheric matter may be manufactured out of the surrounding atmosphere.


This information is scattered over a very large number of books and articles, some forty of which the compiler has consulted, a list of these being given at the end of this document. This is first in the series of five books by the same author. According to the Tibetan Alice Bailey both chakras exist. Great care, however, is advised in using the screens, as the eyes tend to become very painful. Adyar School of Theosophy. As Eliphas Levi says: Jan 10, M. In the higher plants the increased astral activity affects their etheric and, through this, their dense matter.

It is relatively wider in children than in adults. Sinnett gives a curious case of a lady who was cured of chronic rheumatism and then went to live in a part powelll Europe other than that in which the mesmeric operator resided. This is the procedure in all scientific work and, in fact, little progress can be made without some tentative working concept as context and guide.

The Etheric Double

These three forces remain distinct, and none of them can at powelo level be converted into either of the others. It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their quality: There can be no question that, except possibly in vary rare cases, and where every possible precaution is taken, the practise of mediumship is harmful, and may be exceedingly dangerous. Central portion 12, outer portion Curative mesmerism is free from this danger.

Of interest to healers, body workers, and all students of esoteric lore, Powell’s discussion of the anatomy of the subtle duble, its energy centres and functions, is perceptive and comprehensive. The most solemn warnings are uttered against attempting anything of the kind until the time is fully ripe and unless under the guidance of a Master or an experienced occultist.

The work of the compiler brings to light many new relationships between fragments culled from divers sources, and under his hand the mosaic gradually forms itself into a pattern.


It is, of course the work of the physical elemental to defend the body and to assimilate vitality as will be described in detail in the next chapter in order to recuperate the physical body. From adolescence onwards the male and female auras become distinctive: Paintings of some of the devas claimed to have been seen by Hodson from his book “Kingdom of the Gods”: Sarasvati rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Since rigorously established evidence can still neither confirm nor deny, it is reasonable to hold the theory and information presented here as a hypothesis for further investigation.

Etheric body

In determining the quality of etheric matter to be used in building the etheric body, we have two things to consider: The character of these tiny particles may be affected by loss of health, by a wave of emotion, or even a definite train of thought.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Trivia About Etheric Double: This ray then appears to divide, the light blue remaining to course through and vivify the throat centre, while the dark blue and violet pass on to the brain.

The term gained some general popularity after the war, Walter John Kilner having adopted it for a layer of the “human atmosphere” which, as he claimed in a popular book, could be rendered visible to the naked eye by means of certain exercises. Antwerp Blue having a C.

The Etheric Double by Arthur E. Powell

There are roughly, two main kinds of clairvoyance, the lower and the higher. Such injury may occur in several ways. It is only in conditions of perfect passivity that much matter can be withdrawn from the physical body without danger to life. Some of the dangers connected with the doubble are purely physical.