H Ultra-Harmonizer®. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Eventide the next step Harmonizer is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc. for its audio pitch shifta. H Ultra-Harmonizer (R) SERVICE MANUAL Eventide the next step TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION H SPECIFICATIONS OPTIMUM. This is not mine. i tip my hat to the guy/guys who put in the effort to do this. Thank you sir and sirs service manual User manual.

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Generally the H will deliver. Eventife Shared Resource Multi-Processor The signal processing elements for convenience called “PELs” share most of the available resources, including the data converters, the interface to the host processor and, especially, the large block of memory for delay lines. Check effect program running.

Since the H300 has only a 4 K word external address space and this is limited to program memory onlyspecial hardware is used to address the delay memory. Read instruction manual sections on MIDI. U92 performs the write decodes in the same manner.

Each processor also contains words of internal data memory. The hardware is also essentially standard. The H is a software-based, digital audio, signal processor which uses electronically balanced, stereo inputs and outputs to produce a variety of audio effects.

Full text of “Eventide H Service Manual”

Evenide, reading from or writing to the delay memory requires two qlobal bus accesses, the first to specify mxnual address and the second to actually read or write the Gaia. These 74LS latches are clocked by the pulse from U which is derived from the selection bit pin 5 of U These outputs go to many places in the H Writes audio data into the DRAMs. R and Cl 50 do the same thing only are set to different values for use in the output deglitch circuitry.


The remaining sampled value is thus “zoomed in on” for integration until the low order internal comparator finally flips, accounting for the last seven bits of resolution. These values are then presented to weighting resistors R4 through R9 which form a crude D to A converter. One the Delay Address Register, is a sixteen bit ‘register that controls the address of the next delay memory cycle.

H Service Manual | Eventide

Construct a 4 inch jumper wire with solder lugs on both ends. C95 and R92 alleviate charge ejection and other transient effects that cause circuit noise and distortion.

This is detailed in the instruction manual. Unless there is a switch closure the outputs of these gates remain high because they are being pulled up by the resistors in R This allows a quicker design cycle and flexible signal processing algorithms.

Pin 2 is the receive data input RxD which comes from the output of U68, the opto isolator. In the HB the operating system can be cleared without loosing the user presets. With both inputs low the output pin 8 of U will remain in its last state.

When U counts to zero the RCO pin goes high to enable U which counts to zero like the others and outputs a high on Manal which sends kanual output of U 39 low when pin 11 goes high. Refer repairs to a qualified service person whenever possible. Also, the host easily changes signal processing parameters while the signal processing programs are executing.


This difference signal may look a bit strange on an oscilloscope. Release the Function key.

NMI is used by the manuaal to keep track of time and sample the action of the front panel wheel. Notifies the Brain that the PELs have completed some task.

H3000 Service Manual

U pin 5 is used to choose which synthesizer is being written to. The nrdTtn 3 T 6 blt ‘ np 1 t WhlCh can be used as a branch condition by the processor. Resets the interrupt flag called NMl.

Controls the Bypass Relay.

This 74LS is a tri-state line driver. All of these bits are used in different manners by the software. After “set” goes low again a high at “clear” will drive the output low.

The 68A09 uses a standard 8 bit data bus and a 1 6 bit address bus. The delay memory cycle time is once every two processor cycles. It is set up as a divide by 13 circuit. These 6 signals are sent to evehtide open collector, hex invertor U4.

Remember that Eventide has all the parts, equipment and information necessary to repair the H quickly. After this, U27A attenuates the signal to 9V p-p and provides the low impedance for the Murata output filter U These outputs are not symmetrical square waves.

They are both 1. Use the “hottest” input levels possible without clipping.