THE EYE IN THE TRIANGLE AN INTERPRETATION OF ALEISTER CROWLEY By Israel Regardie Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson Preface by Christopher. Regardie states in his book, The Eye in the Triangle: An Interpretation of Regardie would later write a biography of Crowley, The Eye in the Triangle, and. Results 1 – 30 of 67 THE EYE IN THE TRIANGLE by Regardie, Israel and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Sometime later, an answer came from him.

Reprinted in by Shambala Publications, BerkeleyCalif. My emotional anguish at that time was considerable. To ask other readers questions about The Eye in the Triangleplease sign up. In reply Waite urged him to read a certain book which spoke of a hidden community trianhle Light, an invisible and interior Sanctuary whose sainted members watched over the welfare of mankind.

They became fast friends for many long years. Equal fidelity to the True Will can make one person a great chef, a second a mediocre but happy accountant, a third a genius in music; genetics and darker aspects of destiny along with social conditioning, make up the reggardie that average-out to True Will.

The Eye in the Triangle: An Interpretation of Aleister Crowley by Israel Regardie

Man has the right to love as he will, when, where and with whom he will. An interesting and informative read nevertheless. But he is sometimes inclined to act on impulse; sometimes easily led by external influences; sometimes, especially in trifles, a prey to indecision.


But such were the facts! Its teachings and methods of instruction were stringently guarded by various penalties attached regagdie the most awe-inspiring obligations in order to ensure secrecy. It was here that he first heard those solemn words, which he took with the utmost seriousness.

We would be ill-advised to ignore altogether this testimony.

I love the story told by P. However misguided Crowley may have been at times, I doubt if his self-probing had left untouched many levels of his unconscious psychic functioning. He has too long suffered from misrepresentation and vilification at the hands of eyw biographers.

Eye in the Triangle : Israel Regardie :

We shall find companions at the End, at the banquet, lissome and cool and garlanded; companions with a Silver Star or maybe a Jewelled Eye mobile and uncertain— as if alive— on their foreheads. She was emotionally and physically ill a great deal of the time, and her neurosis had gradually resulted in her discovery of the world of diet, nutrition and health.

Man has the right to work as he will. We must keep that writing alive. There are so many conflicting stories, the truth is almost impossible to discover. Jul 13, Kerriwyn rated it really liked it Recommends it for: By an indirect association route, this reference to detective stories reminds me of an altogether different kind of experience which revealed yet another side of Crowley.


If only, therefore, I could reduce the necessary period to a few hours!

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I triangpe that The Eye in the Triangle is essential reading material for anyone who is seriously interested in learning about the life, magick and mysticism of Aleister Crowley. It is interesting to compare this vision of himself with the biographical items that have already been detailed. Crowley was a very difficult person to love, but sure as hell an interesting character to read about. They have practiced fasting, flagellation and austerity But the author brings Crowley’s mindbending and unique insights into religion, psychology, philosophy and especially yoga into sharp inn.

I propose to show how much of what he so lavishly created had its dark roots in the Order.

Born inand having when a boy lost his father, he was brought up by his mother in the Catholic faith. Regardie was close to him for a few years, as eyye secretary. Crowley stood for the Undoing of that conditioned, set, rigid self, so that Thy True Will could be done. One of the end results of this relationship was that Karl served as liaison with Crowley.