Nelson F. Freeburg, Editor. Notes & FORMULA RESEARCH, Inc., Poplar Ave, Suite , Memphis, TN , longtime friend of Formula Research. I. Nelson Freeburg has tested, evaluated and written about the most powerful, consistently successful trading systems for years in his famed Formula Research . The Pentad timing model was developed by Nelson Freeburg, editor of Formula Research. Nelson investigates and develops systematic.

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Hi john, thanks for the kind words on Nelson! Nelson was a true gentleman and scholar in the trading world—the opposite of a snake oil salesman. Hi Andrew, I love your podcast.

Extrategic Dashboard – Pentad (Updated)

The markets are always changing and many of the models may no longer be of use but there is a lot of learning material in there. Nelson had been an active trader since and occasionally spoke about his work to audiences around the world.

Nelson Freeburg was the editor of Formula Research, a newsletter that developed systematic timing models for the stock, bond, and commodity markets. People need to take a much deeper look at some of the things that affect the risk.


Having a transcript would help me quicker to re-visit those discussions. There is more room for rfeeburg debate amongst the quant community. I love your podcast.

– Tribute to Nelson Freeburg – Better System Trader

He was also a research consultant working with institutional money managers to design proprietary timing models.

Glad you enjoyed it. Methods are deficient if they rely on subjective judgement.

I also got his free sample report which was a great case study in proper system development and testing. Freebrg to Nelson Freeburg [Better System Trader] Nelson Freeburg was the editor of Formula Research, a newsletter that developed systematic timing models for the stock, bond, and commodity markets. I found a audio cd of Nelson on Amazon http: The transcript that you provided in the recent episode are really helpful.

Better System Trader

In addition, I called him a few times. Open up your mind to different freebyrg you can include in your models. And I had purchased every back issue he had ever published.

In this episode, Linda […]. I bought several reports from Nelson.

It began as a monthly newsletter but quickly became an irregular publication as he decided to only publish if he felt that he had found something worthwhile. Home Courses eBooks Library About. Thanks a lot for that! That was quite nice, since I was a nobody and he was a guy who had given closed-door presentations to Paul Tudor Jones and spoken all over the world.


Related Posts — Reducing Drawdown with Scott Phillips How this simple weather prediction technique can improve trading strategies — Protect and Grow Capital enlson Market Corrections with Ivanhoff — Rande Howell Undiscovered books traders never talk about but probably should — Part 1. I found it recently and has been listening through them one by one.

Thanks to Linda and you for the podcast that helps give some recognition to a very modest man who was many years ahead of his time in the realm of quantitative analysis. If you do find something, find a way to make it your own.

Play in New Window Download. It was the best bargain in reseaarch entire financial services industry. He was happy to discuss ideas and systems with me. He is certainly missed.