G unit a Sutras Now, in dealing with various texts which are to be found in the Vedic The ganita sutras, are also called the Sulba sutras “the easy mathematical. In hindi, Ganita means Mathematics, Sutra is a distinctive type of literally composition, Sulbha means easy, Veda (literally knowledge) are. Sutras of Vedic Mathematics list. This list of sutras is taken from the book Vedic Mathematics, which includes a full list of the sixteen Sutras in Sanskrit, but in.

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The text as such is the definition of remainder: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The central digit of this number is 2. He graduated from a lecturer in Baroda College to the Principal of National College Rajamundri, but gave away his brilliant carrier in to become a Freedom Fighter and an ardent Nationalist.

If I have a way of quickly solve a problem correctly, what is the harm in using it. It is the concept of a queue, a pair of entities of a queue of which one is previous as comparison to the second and the second automatically being subsequent to the first.

Now, let us chase the multiplication the Sutra way: All calculation can be done mentally in a few seconds. Subscribe to Newsletter Get the latest news and updates of the company. This is precisely Upsutra 2. Text avails three technical words which take us to the basics of the working domain of the Sutra.

Ganita Sutras Course

Later, he took to writing for the newspapers supporting the freedom movement. Latest from the Blog: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This Upsutra along with Upsutra 1 makes the mathematics of Upsutras a very interesting branch in itself.


Hence the name Vedic Mathematics. The pair of above corners may be taken as representing the first number 11 and the pair of lower corners may be taken as second number Please join me in thinking beyond the box.

These are 29 in number; 16 of them are designated as Sutras and other 13 as Upsutras. It took the genius of Tirathji to decode the various layers of similar sets with different meaning and make it understandable for all.

Master Mind Online Study is a portal that allows school children the access to their entire school syllabus followed by questions and solutions, sample papers, online tests. Here it manifests in many ways and can be availed as a unit, unit entity, unit measure, the counting number 1, the close interval of unit length etc.

Let us multiply 11 by We also know that first 9 counts as well can be expressed in double digit forms as: We can express it as 4—2 p. Then the reflection image of 12 would give us 21 and we shall be obtaining The requirement is that after such association we should have one extra utensil in K.

The first concept is the wholesome concept. The source concept here is the concept of equality of units, the pair of halves etc.

One day my father took me to a gainta exhibition, where we saw and eventually purchased this book of quick vedic mathematics tricks. As defined by Wiki, Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space and change. In infinite domains or self-contained domains, the uniformity and patterns are other keywords in terms of which the concept of oneness can be approached as a symmetry and proportions.

We shall be getting the product equal to You are commenting using your WordPress. Infinity is another word in which melt away all finiteness. Many people believe that the term Vedic is highly misleading as these tricks have nothing to do with the Vedas, are not ancient and promotes brand of religious majoritarianism.


The three parts of the number would permit depiction as: The applied values of Upsutra 1 would help us reach at unit interval as replica of infinite line, the universality of Yatha pinde tatha brahmande as in the body so in the universe and Yatha brahmande tatha binde as in the universe so in the body as well as the universality of the Upanishadic comprehensions as that even when full is taken out of full, there still remains full.

Ganita Sutra | TheEruditeSurmise

Text in Roman script: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Agarwala, published from the manuscript papers of Swamiji make us known as how Swamiji had to devote many years to decode the working rules of these Sutras. In hindi, Ganita means Mathematics, Sutra is a distinctive type of literally composition, Sulbha means easy, Veda literally knowledge are ancient Indian teachings and sacred scriptures of Hinduism. The placements of arrow, mirror, and the image of the arrow work out a di-monad format with mirror playing the role of joint of the di-monad.

Traditionally this calculation requires multiplication and then addition, which would take at least a minute for a new learner.


The sum of all the four internal angles of a quadrilateral is 2p. Credit goes to Swami Bharti Krisna Tirthaji Maharaj, surtas Shankracharya of Kanshipeeth to focus the attention of the present generation about potentialities of Sutras.

As such, 1 part as symmetrical to the whole, and 2 part as proportionate of the whole would be two distinct aspects of the same organisation.

Disadvantages, none for me. Franchise Brochure Parents Brochure. It was difficult to understand and I was scared of it.