We have 5 Garmin Oregon t – Hiking GPS Receiver manuals available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual, Quick Start Manual, Quick Reference. , , t, c, i, , t. Page 2. Oregon Series Quick Start Manual. See the . throughout the life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin. Garmin’s latest handheld GPS receiver is the new Oregon series. The Oregon t package, unit, carabineer clip, USB cable, manual.

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Through our testing by obtaining the specific Garmin made cable, it has worked well. Garmin’s Trip and Waypoint manager is not included, for basic waypoint management and no TOPO disk is in the box either.

Overall the GPS reception is good in the Oregon. Viewing Stored Routes Changing Marine Settings In June ofGarmin announced the Oregon and t units. So far, you cannot reset your overall odometer.

Garmin Oregon t Manual

It also features terrain shading on the maps, which is a key feature of this product. Share Wirelessly Garmin’s ANT system allows you oreggon trade waypoints, geocaches, routes or tracks between other Garmin compatible units. Viewing Your Oregon Information The purple line indicates the direction to the waypoint I am navigating to.

Monitoring Satellite Reception Jagt Og Fiskeri Locking The Screen We have tried to discuss in this article, what quick tips and tricks we have discovered, that are not documented in the manual.

I also have a bicycle profile for evening rides, where it keeps the backlight on continuously. The big winner for battery use was the Vista HCx which was still going at 26 hours! This is where you access a waypoint, point of interest, etc.

  IEC 60909 PDF

Garmin Oregon 400t – Hiking GPS Receiver Manuals

Simply press the lower right hand corner of the satellite page while in Demo Mode and it will bring up a map. You can exchange data between Oregon units and also between an Oregon and a Garmin Colorado and presumably the new Garmin Dakota 20, which is said to support wireless exchange.

The Oregon also has a Time Zone file, to automatically determine your location and Time Zone, instead of requiring user input. I ran the backlight on average twice every hour for seconds on each unit. While it is a great quick guide and reference, the manual should be more in depth to help users understand everything their Oregon is capable of.

The maps look great with the terrain shading and the unit has very good options for geocaching. Main Menu Setup Simply press the power key and the option of lock screen is there. Reverse this to unlock the screen.

Trip Computer The trip computer keeps track of trip data and you can customize each individual data field. Garmin has apparently fixed this in the HCx series and we hope a fix is on the way for the Oregon.

Garmin Oregon t

The black lines represent my tracklog. You can also select map points and review data, although sometimes it can be a little tricky to get your finger on the small map icon you want to review. With the type of screen, the batteries go much faster. I have only tried the heart rate monitor and it will show your heart beats per minute, on one of the data fields. Mass Storage Mode The Oregon operates like the newer Garmin automotive units, such as the nuvi, when you connect it to a computer.


The TOPO maps with the terrain shading capability, are very good.

Changing Measurement Units Stopwatch Stopwatch allows for laps, but no way to set your lap distance in units. Table of contents Tip Og Genveje It stays full for a long time, but once it drops to two bars left, you had better have some more batteries with you, as the remaining battery power will go fast. It just takes some getting use to, after using the older Garmin handhelds with the easy to read screens. You then press the data tab at the top of the screen to review the information and the small waypoint flag which will appear on the screen, will allow you to save this point as a waypoint.

Garmin also did a good job this time of figuring out which settings should be global across all profiles and which ones should be profile specific.

Don’t have an account? It uses a different GPS chipset, which gives the Oregon the “HotFix” option, of storing GPS almanac information to allow for faster acquisition when a unit has been off for up to three days.

Waypoint Averaging was added during the series of beta updates in You can select manuwl waypoints, points of interest and by browsing the map and selecting map points. This is a nice feature for exchanging data with friends or new friends you meet on the trail. See below for example along with active route screens.

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