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A lack of unity that disconcerts the reader, conflicts with his or her linguistic and esthetic sensibility. Translation as a process of taming a wild woman of a text is perhaps the most graphic example of engendered theory, but is certainly not the only one. Brill, ; and de Waard and Nida. How do we begin to think about this gesture and our place in the history of translation in the West—in general, and in relation to the specific texts we are engaging?

Perhaps the easiest type of disparity to spot in translated texts is the anachronism or archaism.

Presses Universitaires du Septentrion

Log In Sign Up. What does it mean to speak of a faithful feminist translation? Georgws true are the georgs of Wilhelm von Humboldt: When compared to geodges original, the translation demonstrates a lack of linguistic, stylistic and tonal unity, among others. Dictionnaire de linguistique et des sciences du langage. Compare de Waard and Nida,following a claim that at least some part of the Bible has been translated for 97 percent of the world s population: Roget’s New Millennium Thesaurus, http: Consulted June 30, The Meanings of Feminist Biblical Translation 37 has certainly called into question.

They point to a lack of training an amateur or improviserof experience a noviceto an insufficient knowledge of the languages in question a pseudo-bilingualor to a failure to infer properly, to make appropriate contextual assumptions an error in methodology or a false conception of translation.

Criticizing Translations: the Notion of Disparity | Jean Delisle –

Even a critic like Steiner, who sees language as foundationally and perpetually in flux, sees a difference when one is dealing with religious texts, “preserved in a condition of artificial stasis.

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Disparities often lend such a comical appearance to translations. Many women who are grounded in the Christian tradition have spent much of their religious lives in radical acts of translation of the tradition. Literary, Linguistic, and Philosophical Perspectives, ed. The risk of dissonance is just as great in translations produced collectively. To the translations of yesterday, not only the standards of today should be applied. It was not enough to open his article with such a characterization, but rather he found it necessary to conclude with yet further references to languages Guarani, Chulupi, Ewe meant to evoke an image of strangeness in the reader In French, the word has been used indifferently in its singular and plural forms.

Collaboration can signify working together, especially in a joint intellectual effort; however, it can also mean cooperating with an enemy who occupies one s own country. Motivated by artistic intentions, they will juxtapose often without knowing, we should say in his defense a variety of incompatible elements: How we situate ourselves in relationship to such claims is of crucial moment.

Examination of all sorts of contemporary translated texts suggests that all translators are affected, to some extent, by this endemic defect. An Inclusive Language Lectionary,” Ecumenism 84 And we could go on multiplying examples, showing how disparities occur in all lexical and discursive categories. All of this in an effort, quite commendable in itself, to ring archaic, rustic, to create the illusion of historical language and sensibilities. Gnosis, Philosophy, and the Order of Knowledge Bloomington: Oxford, and Malden Mass.

The work survives the rape by the translator and in fact is “enhanced” for “[b]eing methodical, penetrative, analytic, enumerative, the process of translation, like all modes of focussed understanding, will detail, illumine, and generally body forth its object” Dictionary of Translation Studies.

Mohnin Online Dictionary, http: The translator Paul-Louis Lfsfor example, writes: Nevertheless, we can safely acknowledge, I think, that there are many parts of the biblical text that do reflect patriarchal expectations and modes of thought. No content may be copied or emailed to multiple sites or publicly posted without the copyright holder s ‘ express written permission.


While transla- tion has long been understood by many translators as a kind of creative labor performed on the texts of others, the Bible has been seen as the exception to this rule; where translators might boast of their quick and agile work on secular texts, biblical translators would speak of their “long, careful labor” and “consciously based their renderings on those of their predecessors.

All forms of translation are susceptible to disparity, be they source or target oriented, historic or contemporary. The metaphors of linguistic difference emerging from the biblical tradi- tion describe the multiplicity of human languages as the result of Gods anger at human arrogance; that we do not speak the mythical original language of Eden is, according to the biblical narrative of Babel, a sign of our fallen status.

Sometimes the miracle does indeed happen. Will we, in the process, add to the mythological accretions concerning biblical translation—invoking God s intervention jnfidles part of our practice, as has been done at geodges moments of transformative translation? Such an understand- ing of language has certainly become problematic in light of a great deal of post-modern criticism, including some feminist literary theory. The distinction is vital, and its consequences for the criticism of translations far reaching.

Spotting blles is a matter of addressing larger units of signification, of examining their particularities systematically. Remember me on this computer. Indiana University Press,especially chap. Here, fidelity is an arrangement between the writer and the translator, an act carried out through the manipulation of the woman, the text.