Sep 15, Gyrodactyluschileani n. sp. is the first Gyrodactylus species reported from Chile. It is an ectoparasite living on fins and skin of a small fish, the. Gyrodactylus species are ubiquitous monogenean parasites of teleosts with over .. Gyrodactylus sp. occurs on the skin and the others on the gills. None of. analysis that Gyrodactylus corleonis sp. n. from S. typhle and Gyrodactylus neretum sp. n. from S. scovelli represent distinct species. Both G. corleonis and G .

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Retrieved from ” https: The species described below is also the first molecularly defined Gyrodactylus reported from the Southern Pacific. Goodeidaean endemic freshwater fish from central Mexico.

Gyrodactylus salaris – Wikipedia

In addition to these, there are a number of other ” Gyrodactylus ” species parasitising cyprinodontiform hosts that appear in the literature. Molecular evolutionary genetics analysis using maximum likelihood, evolutionary distance, and maximum parsimony methods.


Gyrodactylus leptorhynchi Gyrodactylus sp.

An overt phylogenetic revision of monogenean parasites of fishes was published by Perkins et al. The Maximum Composite Likelihood distance was estimated to be A phylogenetic analysis based on 5. Published online Sep References Froese R, Pauly D.

When the gyrodactylid fauna on fish species belonging to the family Cyprinodontidae are considered and compared, then there are a number of species which possess similar marginal hook sickle morphologies. It consists of only three Gyrodactylus species at present. Variable Gyrodactylus salinae n.

This lineage also accommodates two recently described species, i. Contributor Information Marek S. To enlarge the geographical range of the Gyrodactylus spp.

The marginal hook sickles of G. Malmberg subdivided the genus into six subgenera. Table 3 Gyrodactylus species parasitising different family members belonging to the order Cyprinodontiformes.

All ten fish were infected but given the condition of the fish on collection, the intensity of infection can only be estimated at between parasites per fish.

Prospects for inferring very large phylogenies by using the neighbor-joining method. Heel pronounced, but smaller than in G.


First report of Gyrodactylus spp.

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Monogenea from five fish families Teleostei Int J Parasitol. Haptoral morphology of Gyrodactylus chileani n.

Monogenea with comments on other gyrodactylids parasitising pipefish Pisces: Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits any use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author s and the source are credited. It was then prepared for a microscopy on a slide with a saturated concentration of ammonium picrate in glycerine Malmberg A species profile including host and taxonomic details is provided on the on-line databases http: Aplocheilus blockii ArnoldAplocheilus panchax Hamilton.

Gyrodactylus Biology

Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genus Gyrodactylus Platyhelminthes: Fundulus grandis Baird et Girard, Fundulus heteroclitus heteroclitus L. Sparidae by Paladini et al.

The ventral bar attachment points also differ; those of G.