Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague, [Heda Margolius Kovaly, Helen Epstein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Heda Margolius . The Under a Cruel Star Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter Kovaly’s family are forced from their home and sent to the Lodz Ghetto in October Returning home to Prague after the camps are liberated, Heda bounces from. Heda Kovály, the Czech translator of Roth, Chandler and Bellow, had a tragic history. In , the mass deportation of Jews from Prague was.

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For ages it stumbles cfuel without anything significant happening and then all of sudden it Why do we read memoirs? Jun 06, J. And I must include a few kocaly about Prague itself: In any case, the woman who’d recently returned to live in her beloved Prague after decades in exile as a librarian at Harvard, coolly said, “many people have asked me over the years which were worse, the Nazis or the Communists?

This is an absolute must read! Not available to order from this website, please try another retailer. Communism would bring peace and justice and fairness.

More books by this author. This a is phenomenal personal syar about the human and political experience of a Jewish girl at the tail end of WWII and the beginning of the Communist rule in Prague.

She and her husband join the communist party, but the idealistic vision of communism was very different from the brutal reality. Seems almost rational when I pull the anger out of it, doesn’t it? After the Communist coup in all were filled with hope for the future. Her vantage point as an escapee from Auschwitz and later as the wife of a communist official who was arrested and executed in a purge gives her a unique perspective on Czech history during these years. I don’t often read memoirs but as difficult as this one was to get through at times, I’m very happy I did.


The bird was a stimulator and a sensor to these things. In a time of uncertainty, in a time where she did not know whether this would have been her last train ride or not, that little bird fluttered for her once more and calmed her down, giving her the time to pinpoint a small detail on which she could focus on and find comfort and peace in.

There are a lot of great reviews already on GR and I have to get this book back to the library. Nevertheless, there are many pages focused on ideology and politics. She was literally taken aback by how beautiful she perceived the man to be. Estimable life sharply told in pages.

This isn’t a problem; the reader is told later in the book!

Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague 1941-1968

We are all aware of the countless atrocities that took place during the holocaust, but at times Mrs Kovaly’s firsthand account seems unbelievable in its graphic portrayal of events and reads almost like a harrowing novel. Researching the details doesn’t change the core facts of Kovaly’s story.

Together the couple rebuilt their lives, and Rudolf joined the Communist government. This book made me understand the human condition that existed in Czech that ena Do not read this book in public. Kovaly 5 This passage is significant to unded the rest of this essay, because it explains the two traits that helped Kovaly survive.

The other factor that aided Heda in surviving her stay at several concentration camps, besides the little bird that allowed her aa find peace and solidarity when surrounded by chaos and uncertainty, was her naturally positive outlook towards life and her future and her belief that beyond the horizon lies a better life; this was another resource of hope for her.

And yet she writes so eloquently, so pragmatically, so simply. Whilst the subject is very upsetting and painful to read about, Mrs Kovaly’s strength of character and emotional courage shine through and I find her story a very inspiring one. This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site.


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Under a Cruel Star – Wikipedia

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. So, it was kpvaly these hopes did Heda decide that what was best for her and the nation was to eliminate a source of instability and death, the Nazis.

View all 24 comments. She was lucky — when the Nazis evacuated the camp she was in and made all of the remaining prisoners walk from Poland to Germany under heavy guard, she and a few other women managed to escape crue, make it back to Czechoslovakia. And there is so much beauty in it.

Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague, by Heda Margolius Kovály

Sometimes in the most unexpected moments the bird would wake up, lift its head, and flutter its wings in rapture. I would recommend this book to anyone, but particularly to individuals interested in daily crruel in a communist country. It is about the growth of Communism, the hope it began with and the disillusion that followed.

Learn something about the history of Europe while you’re at it. This trial is important. As they say ‘Youth is wasted on the young’, I never thought to ask these questions and now it’s too late.

Plot Tips on technique 6: Peculiar occurrences were laughed at……. You will learn much, much more than any history book filled with dry facts and names. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Feb 03, Adrian added it. In fact, I went back and reread the first 40 pages to try and understand which events followed which, and was no wiser on the second reading! Tense Tips on technique 7: Life in Prague by Heda Margolius Kovaly is not just an insightful memoir but a gut wrenching as well.