The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain (English and French Edition) [Comte De Saint-Germain, Manly P. Hall] on *FREE*. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is the only book attributed to the mysterious, supposedly immortal Comte St. Germain. The Trinosophia is an allegorical. THE RAREST OF OCCULT MANUSCRIPTS. PART THREE. PARALLEL FRENCH AND ENGLISH TEXT OF. THE MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA. PART FOUR.

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Je revis la lumiere du Jour. Comparatively unimportant references to St. From the hands of class tyrants she will pass to those who are ambitious and without merit. Remember, Philochatus, that the hand which traces these characters bears the marks of trionsophia chains which weigh it down.

The Most Holy Trinosophia – Comte De St. Germain

He was, by some curious circumstances, a patron of railroads and steamboats. It was the abortion of space. Says Aretaeus, “Until the soul is set free it works within the body and is trrinosophia by vapors and clay.

He could not deny, however, that St.

Being a doubting Thomas, Casanova declared that he felt sure that St. Par un effet contraire le sable sur trinospohia THE hall into which I had just entered was perfectly round; it resembled the interior of a globe composed of hard and transparent matter, as crystal, so that the light entered from all sides.

He also sang beautifully. In her excellent monograph, The Comte de St. Julian Sydow rated it really liked it Jan 10, Commanding the genii that guide the world, happy in the happiness that I created, I enjoyed within the bosom of an adored family the fehcity which the Trinoso;hia accords to His beloved children.

After having contemplated the picture and the star I was about to pass through the red door when, tuming on its hinges with terrific noise, it closed before me. It was in constant motion without however using its wings. In discussion with Casanova, the Comte explained his presence in Belgium by stating that Count Cobenzl, the Austrian ambassador at Trinosopphia, desired to establish a hat factory and that he was taking care of the details.

A blue garment protruded through rtinosophia meshes of his golden armour. According to Madame de Pompadour, he claimed to possess the holu of eternal youth, and upon a certain occasion claimed having been personally acquainted with Cleopatra, and at another time of having “chatted familiarly with the Queen of Sheba”!


The body of the Indian neophyte is bumed on a scaffold Capricornthe ashes scattered on the river Aquariusthe ashes turn into a man-fish Piscesin which form the initiate, who has completed the cycle, destroys the evil genius who was his adversary through the initiatory ritual.

He asked to whom the fine animals belonged and tdinosophia told: Until we recognize the reality of the occult forces at work in every-day life, we cannot grasp the significance of either the man or his work. He could not deny, however, that St. Je voulus me retirer apres avoir considere le tableau et I’etoile, jallais entrer dans la porte rouge quand toumant sur ses gonds avec un bmit epouvantable elle se referma trinoslphia moi, je voulois tenter la meme epreuve sur celle que decoroit la couleur de ciel, elle ne se ferma point mais un bruit soudain me fit detoumer la tete, je vis I’etoUe sagiter, elle se detache, roule et se plonge rapidement dans I’ouverture de la porte blanche, je la suivis aussitot.

While I was examining the thrones, a trumpet sounded whereupon the doors of the hall toumerent sur leurs gonds pour laisser passer soix antedixneuf personnes, toutes vetues comme mon conducteur.

The account of the initiatory ritual now begins. A gentle and equable warmth reigned in this circular enclosure. It was in the court at Versailles that the Comte de St. France as Kingdom, Republic, Empire, and mixed Govemment will be tormented, agitated, tom.

To the sage the material universe is the antechamber where gather those who are awaiting acceptance into the sacred rites. The water was as it had first appeared. It must have been my predecessor. The keynote throughout this material is that of the approach of the age when the Leg of the Grand Man and the Waterman of the Zodiac shall meet in conjunction at the equinox and end a grand ,year cycle.

I know not whether I shall be able to get this document into your hands. The Marquis de Valbelle, visiting St. The arm which once could overthrow an army can today hardly lift the chains that weigh it down. The “Wonder Man” attended at least some of these secret meetings and of all whom he met and knew during life, he confided more in Prince Charles than in any other man.

The avenging God has pardoned His repentant child. He crosses a river of blood Aries then a river of mud Taurushe detects a subterfuge Geminihe enters the house of darkness Cancerthen the house of spears Leothe house of cold Virgothe house of tigers Librathe house of fire Scorpioand the house of bats Sagittarius where he dies incineration. The entire edifice was of light and airy architecture.


Elizabeth, he determined to take the name of their holy brother, St. In fact, after studying the fragments left by the Landgrave, Cagliostro’s contention that he was initiated into Egyptian Masonry by St.

Au centre de I’edifice etait une figure d’homme, elle sortait d’un tombeau sa main appuyee sur une lance frappait le pierre qui la renfermait autrefois, une draperie verte, ceignit ses reins I’or brillait au bas de son vetement sur sa poitrine etait une table quarree, sur laquelle je distinguai quelques lettres.

Most Holy Trinosophia: Part One: The Man Who Does Not Die

Apres ce temps j ‘en sortis pour entrer dans une vaste place environnee de colonnades et de portiques dores au milieu de la place etoit un pied d’estal de bronze, il supportoit un grouppe qui presentoit I’image d’un homme grand et fort, sa tete majestueuse etoit couverte d’un casque couronne; a travers les mailles de son armure trinoosphia, sortoit un vetement bleu; il grinosophia d’une main un baton blanc, charge de caracteres, et tendoit I’autre its red colour had been transformed into black.

Although somewhat irregular in spelling and accenting, the French is scholarly and dramatic, and the text is embellished with numerous figures, well drawn and brilliantly colored. The Almighty Hand that made the elements subject to him, would break him like a fragile reed. Au dessus de la figure etait suspendue une couronne d’or, elle semblait s’elever dans les airs pour la saisir.

Rick rated trinosohia it was amazing Jun 05, Manly Palmer Hall then cites Dr. It is claimed by transcendentalists that he retired into the secret order which had sent him into the world for a particular and peculiar purpose.

Hly to the attacks upon his character, H. They will expel them from all the thrones they occupy and in less than a century they will return in all their different branches to the rank of trinosopnia private individuals. His activities are traceable for more than one hundred: