The Huawei UMG (Universal Media Gateway) is a core network device, part of the Huawei [email protected] Solutio N and the N68E Cheap gateway m series battery, Buy Quality gateway tablet laptop computer directly from China gateway ma8 Suppliers: UMG (UG01MOMU0) . Cheap board shorts, Buy Quality board router directly from China boarding handle Suppliers: HuaWei UMG Media Gateway and UMG Spare boards.

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Board deployment in an SSM frame 1 1 1 1 1 1. The frame is 12U in height and the middle 9U is for boards. It is configured for the two transcoders that both support the TFO. Network huaweii device management can protect your password and make unauthorized access invalid.

Thus, 1U at the back of the frame is for the filtering box. In mode 1, the main control frame provides the service and device management functions. If the capacity requires more than two frames and an SIWF frame is configured, the two types of cabinets are required at the same time. What do mean ssm frame? The clock processing module provides clock signals required and supports access of various clock reference sources.

The UMG also provides auxiliary functions such as the management and maintenance of the device, the clock and cascading functions. The UMG is placed near the access network to build a big local network. They connect with each other through the internal interface or standard Mc interface. There are three 8 K switching and TDM cascading channels between frames. This feature inevitably improves efficiency.

The packet processing and interface module processes packet service huaweu of the gateway and provides hardware interfaces for packet services. At huawfi LMT, you can get information about command functions and parameter meaning any time, as well as alarm meaning, handling suggestions and so on. All internal cables of the UMG are present at the rear of the cabinet.


In addition, measures for fault check, isolation and recovery are added to improve the system reliability. The UMG adopts the distributed dual power plan. The difference lies in the internal components configured in the cabinets. The BAM supports device management and provides external interfaces for management.

GE interfaces include multi mode interfaces and three types of single mode optical interfaces. The interfaces provided by the UMG comply with umf8900 specifications. Through this mechanism, the deadlock resources are released and logs and alarms are output. The boards and interfaces supported by the UMG are shown in Table 2 2.

The CHRs are saved on the server for value added applications such as real time monitor and troubleshooting. If you need to get information about your project, please submit your information and we will contact you within one working day.

Universal Media Gateway UMG8900

The transmission distance is 2 km multi mode15 km single mode40 km single mode and 80 km single mode respectively. You can flexibly configure the UMG based on the actual networking and user capacity. The E3 and T3 interfaces are electric interfaces and share the hardware. The derating design is usually applied to reducing the umg890 values of electric stress and heat stress.

Huawei UMG 8900 (Universal Media Gateway)

Thus, you can protect your investment to the most extent. Maintenance dual plane networking! The MBus system is independent of higher layer software. The air interfaces in the access network have no change. There are indicators on the front panel of a board to show the running status of the board and interfaces.


No independent cascading boards are required. Different umg890 groups can customize different command sets. They are used to bear IP voice services.

The graphic interface offers powerful online help and easy operation. The above information can be stored for fault locating and fixing purpose.

Service data can be accessed only in certain condition. This tool collects upgrade information and compares the difference between versions before and after upgrade for update of configuration files. At the software design phase, design methods and implementation are stressed.

Thus, the UMG can select the clock of the highest priority through the synchronization status message SSM of clock. Thus, the UMG can implement smooth evolution and support current transmission networks.

The alarm box can display visual alarm information and notify maintenance personnel of alarms by phone.

Huawei UMG Archives – HUAWEI Mobile Core Network, OSN-Optical, Wireless Reseller

The development of the IP network makes it an inevitable choice for network evolution to provide integrated voice, data and video services based on the IP packet technology. It provides external alarm boxes to report alarms with audio and optical signals.

The SSM frames can adopt three self cascading modes, as shown in Table 2 3. Its physical board is the MNLU. Click here to sign up.