Hyperspeed. I freaking HATED programming this game all those years ago for that cheapscape company Logi-soft\tech or I still have a copy of the manual. nissan altima manual casio g-shock titanium frogman dw washing machine crown user manual samsung front. Reviews. “Hyperspeed is a well-conceived space-combat and role-playing game ” 80 – Dragon You’re moving at Hyperspeed – second thoughts could be fatal.

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I found the dox! Ooops – a big, “Thumbs Huperspeed You can have up to four chassis configured as you like launched and toggle between the cockpits for them all From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits. Also, you might get lucky and “rarely” find a nice copy for sale on eBay. I have the boxed copy of Hyperspeed with everything except the Reference Card.

Hyperspeed (video game) – Wikipedia

Best thing is to play a gqme That’s more than enough to make your head spin! Its a very nice balance If it has not been claimed by another race, you can raid the system for whatever resources it has, and trade them for other resources you will need later.

In fact – “in system travel” is not really present at all – except in combat. Basically, you trade to get parts for your ship, which are uniquely well implemented or used by the player – utilizing an cool “engine room” interactive animated screen interface.

The idea is this: You don’t have to physically travel to any planets in the system or go down to any planets – the probe does that.


Links “All I ask is a starship, and space to steer her by Buatha Buatha Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable.

Menu Store New releases. I have hypespeed considered the possibility of doing a remake and an additional cluster for Hyperspeed. This page was last edited on 8 Julyat The initial Lightspeed did have a patch Of course, for many possible players View profile View hypersped Start conversation Invite to friends Invite to friends Accept invitation Accept invitation Pending invitation Would definitely buy from GOG if it becomes availabe.

Hey, I already have the game, but my installation disks are bad.

I’m gon’na wait for Elite IV to come out Oh please, oh please It’s such a shame nothing is being made as cool as the old stuff was. Seriously GOG, add this game. Tommo purchased the rights to this game and digitally publishes it through its Retroism brand in I wrote all the hyperseped, designed the planets, created the star clusters, built the alien personalities, and assigned the various ships all of their abi Hyperspeed Simulation Register Login.

There are some delightful and unique midi tunes; indeed – each alien race has essentially their own score another cool idea.

Hyperspeed (Simulation) – My Abandonware

In essence, you can repair combat damage right after combat if you can salvage what you need While this weapon along with the weapons equipped on a fighter-variant chassis cannot penetrate capital ship armor, the Trailblazer is also equipped with a powerful front-mounted main gun to deal with larger threats. This will also start out very short, but I’ll add things as time permits.


Is there a Tutorial? For the highly supersonic speed, see hypersonic speed. Nope, no asteroid mining.

Back to wishlist Options. Computer Gaming World initially rated the game positively stating that ” Hyperspeed offers a refreshing change of pace to this genre” that will “reward players with smoothly animated graphics, excellent sound, and a well-developed, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, storyline.

The game gives the player the option to choose one of two star clusters in which to play in.

Hyperspeed (Simulation)

This however would cost precious mission time. I, like the rest of the world, got a Soundblaster 1.

Yeah, its here and perhaps a bit more fun than in a lot of other space trading treatments of this element of the genre. The engine room is split into various areas including the Spindrive FTL engine, main cannon, sublight engine, turret, and deflector shielding.

If there is still any interest, I can get screen shots or scans gmae all of the pages, as having a word doc doesnt really help with finding the word on a specific line. Not really, but after combat – the Trailblazer does “automatically” salvage cargo This game is no longer abandonware, we won’t put it back online.