Ring of the Dove: Ibn Ḥazm: Literary activities: One delightful example is The Ring of the Dove (Ṭawq al-ḥamāmah), on the art of love. Probably best known for. A Bird after Love: Ibn’ Hazm’s. The Ring of the Dove (Tawq al- Hamāmah) and the Roots of Courtly Love. Nazan Yıldız. Hacettepe University. Ibn Hazm paints a gorgeous picture, for example, of how our souls all come from the same great whole, which is shattered into pieces. When we meet someone.

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Passion had lodged itself in his breast, haam he strove to deny it; but in the end the matter became so obviously serious that everyone divined it in his ibbn, whether he happened previously to be aware of it or not.

I do not propose therefore to adventure into the perilous arena of comparative literature, and shall confine the remainder of these brief comments to a discursive appreciation of the contents of Ibn Hazm’s book.

For the eye possesses the property of light, and by it alone may colours by perceived; no other organ surpasses it in range and extent, since by the eye the bodies of the stars themselves in their distant spheres may be observed, and the heavens seen for all their tremendous elevation and remoteness.

For we know that in this lower world the soul is shrouded in many veils, that it is overtaken By divers accidents, that it is encompassed by all those earthy, mundane instincts; in consequence many of true attributes are obscured. Spare me those tales of Bedouins, and of lovers long ago! All this is common knowledge it is immediately observable in the moods which successively control every man, and to which we all accommodate ourselves successfully.

O rare delight, these pains that break My heart, dear hope, for thy sweet sake!

I have put this all in verse Men who nothing know of love For thy sake do me reprove Let them scold, or silent be, It is all the same to me. The fall of the Banu ‘Amir led soon after to the dismissal and house-arrest of their faithful minister, who died four years later on 22 June So they continued until the day of their death; all their lives were spent in sighing regretfully for the loved ones they had lost, and taking joyous delight in their remembered companionship.

Love indeed is sometimes caused by things so strange, thf but for having myself observed them I would not have mentioned them at all. I remember how at Cordova young women had been put on their guard against such types, wherever they might happen to see them. When they behold me face to face, Dlve feel quite certain of my case, Which when they would more clearly state They can no more than speculate. She laid her nameless charge Before the world at large, But none knew her intent Save him, whose hurt she meant.


There was once a strong bond of affection between myself and a member of a noble family; we corresponded frequently, but had never set eyes on one another. That is my own way in these matters, and it is confirmed by Holy Tradition. When a man falls in love at first sight, and forms a sudden attachment rnig the result of a fleeting glance, that proves him to be little steadfast, and proclaims that he will as suddenly forget his romantic adventure; it testifies to his fickleness and inconstancy.

This precious codex, which is dated Rajab of the Mohammedan reckoning, or February of the Christian era, is preserved in the fine Leiden collection, and was first studied by R. No better beginning can there be for my book than that I should praise Almighty God as He is worthy, and pray for His blessings upon Mohammed His servant and messenger in particular, and rong all His prophets in general. For sure, when any thing we see Of its own self sole cause to be, That being, being of that thing, Lives ever undiminishing But when we find its origin Yhe other than the thing it’s in, Our losing that which made it be Annihilates it bin.

Ring of the Dove

Ah, would I knew who she might be, And how she walked by night! I am a dead man, though counted among the living, slain by sorrow and buried by sadness, entombed while yet a dweller on the face of this mortal earth.

Through all the days, in all my woe, I will not ever let thee go. I have some verses on the subject of awaiting the visit of the beloved. I have a poem or two on this theme also. He has been eclectic, he hopes judiciously, in his interpretations of those not infrequent passages where scholars have been in conflict; and he has taken into his translation a few emendations of his own.

I have described this type of love in verse. So I am alike in consolation and in passion; I have never ibj my life forgotten any romance, thr my nostalgia for every former attachment is such that I well nigh choke when I drink, and suffocate when I eat. Glances play an honourable part in this phase, and achieve remarkable results. I wrote a letter to my love She sent me a reply thereto That stilled the agitation of My heart, then stirred it up anew.

I am resolved to keep afar Wherever Love’s attractions are; The man of sense, as I detect, Is ever shrewd and circumspect. It hxzm happen that a man sincerely affected by love will start to eat his meal with an excellent appetite; yet the instant the recollection of his loved one is excited, the food sticks in his throat and chokes rinb gullet. When the two masses press and rub closely against each other, ham fire is liberated; otherwise it remains latent within the gazm, and does not show or manifest itself at all.


In my opinion, however, such a love is a tumbledown building without any foundations. If the lover could so contrive, that in the place where he happens to be there should be no talk of anything but his beloved, he would never leave that spot for any other in the whole world. He is indeed sufficient for our needs. Do not take it amiss, my friend, or whoever else may happen to see this volume, that I am here following the fashion of those who always quote themselves in their stories; such is the way of men who affect the writing of poetry.

My eyes therefore haxm to my feelings but rarely, and then jazm tears are exceedingly sparse. Seek not the impossible! Our friend Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Ishaq informed me, quoting a trustworthy authority whose doge has escaped me-though I think it was Judge Ibn al-Hadhdha’ that the poet Yusuf Ibn Harun, better known as al-Ramadi, ribg one day passing the Gate of the Perfumers at Cordova, a place where ladies were wont to congregate, when he espied a young girl who, as he said, “entirely captured my heart, so that all my limbs were penetrated by the love of her “.

Then I said, in response to the verses quoted by Abu Bakr: These traditions were in time organized into digests following a set pattern, the arrangement being by topics of ritual and law. He contrives rung keep the discussion on a high moral level, though he occasionally takes a plunge into more dangerous depths; he rounds off his book with a pair of erudite ubn ethically irreproachable chapters though even these contain a shocking anecdote or two which he hoped would conciliate even the most austere spirit.

Mine is a stubborn soil To plough with arduous toil, Intractible indeed To tiller and to seed.

Ring of the Dove | work by Ibn Ḥazm |

And then not soon will it Be undermined, and split; Firm will its structure stand, Its fabric still cove. Just at that moment, the very person he was suspected of having a crush on chanced to pass by; no sooner did his eyes light on his beloved, than he became all confused; his former sangfroid entirely deserted him; he grew pale, and his well-turned phrases lapsed into incoherency.

Finally in an elegant Spanish translation was published by E. Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God’s hands. Women too are frequently used, especially those who hobble along on sticks, and carry rosaries, and are wrapped up in a pair of or cloaks.