Omega is a book by Jack McDevitt that won the John W. Campbell Award, and was nominated for the Nebula Award in The mystery surrounding the. Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns. Omega (Academy, book 4) by Jack McDevitt – book cover, description, publication history.

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The situation changes when a living civilization is discovered on a distant planet directly in the path of one of the omega clouds. But while I suspect the process used would give real anthropologists apoplexy, it made for an engrossing and surprisingly suspenseful story.

But Omega kept lmega interested all the way through, and jcdevitt the edge of my seat for the climax, and there are some surprisingly touching and emotionally effective moments in the interactions between the humans and the aliens.

Each book features numerous setbacks, in which a central character is killed by a natural disaster, eaten by mcdevutt wildlife on an alien planet, and so forth, but I generally found that, by the end of the book, I had forgotten all about them. After all, a good series of books can survive a clunker. However, there does seem to be something in the Goompah’s past that makes direct contact a bad idea for more reasons than one. Basically, mcdvitt the first few chapters we learn what the problem is and how it’s going to be solved.

Omega Book Summary and Study Guide

mceevitt By now you are either pitying my poor lost soul, or doing your best to choke back vomit. Mass Market Paperbackpages. Jack McDevitt usa ogni tanto lo stratagemma di infilare come nota di colore dei “titoli di giornali” dell’epoca.


The humans were bland and the aliens were an annoying fit to the “noble savage” template. Both of the problems in this book are related mcdevltt the discovery in The Engines of God.

This one was no exception. I like sci fi. We don’t get the small payoffs and moments of action that were built into Chindiand the book and the reader’s attention suffer for it.

Fiction Book Review: OMEGA by Jack McDevitt, Author . Ace $ (p) ISBN

It takes forever to get to the action at the planet about to be attacked by an Omega cloud. Che le piante sembrano sempre piante e che gli animali sono sempre simili Book cover art by Danilo Ducak.

Books of the Week. This was a good one. The bigger scope and varied locations of previous books were replaced by a stationary set on a too-good-to-true semi-primitive planet. Omega is a good book, and the preceding Academy novels are awesome.

It was too realistic in its depiction of institutional decay. Alcune spazzate via dalle nubi Omega. Science fictionMystery fiction. Open Preview See a Problem? Books by Jack Jacl.

That could have provided some of the feeling of constant discovery that kept the narrative drive higher in Chindibut there isn’t enough material to it to manage. Mar 17, Roddy Williams rated it liked it Shelves: This book mostly gets kicked to the curb by sci-fi readers on Goodreads. Il matrimonio si rinnova dopo un determinato numero di cmdevitt. And, whether he’s really expressing his own views here or just assigning different beliefs mcdeviht different characters like a game of musical chairs, his personal beliefs are his business and don’t matter.


Facciamo conto della specie di Teletubbies.

And somehow we get our egos and our opinions and Truth all mixed up in a single package, so that when something does challenge one of the notions to which we subscribe, we react as if it challenges us. Anthropology takes over from archaeology as the main focus jaack this fourth Academy novel.

Some readers might find Omega ‘s story truly uplifting. It’s a nine month flight, so they’ll just barely be beating the cloud there.

Omega (novel) – Wikipedia

There are wonderful characters, fascinating scientific anomalies, vast world-destroying clouds and… these Walt Disney aliens. Full of interesting situations and characters. Well, no complaints there.

Further suggestions might be found on the mcdevith talk page. I’d read Chindi first if you’re new to this series, but if you liked Chindiyou’ll probably like this as well, with the caveat that it’s not quite as good. Meanwhile, Collingdale is cast as a Captain Ahab and the omega is his white whale.

The dearth of alien species is a nice touch, making it more of an archeological mystery. The Academy also makes a lesser but less straightforward discovery at about the same time: