Wolfblade Wolfblade is the first book in the Hythrun Chronicles Marla Wolfblade, princess of Hythria, is determined to restore her family to its former power and. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The first book of Fallon’s new trilogy showcases the Wolfblade: Wolfblade trilogy Book One by [Fallon, Jennifer]. Wolfblade (The Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Trilogy, Book 1) [Jennifer Fallon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marla Wolfblade of.

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I never once felt that this is just the same character as the last one.

Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Series

Dec 15, Monica rated it liked it. Jennifer Fallon has remarkabl Ok, this is going to be a long review so be prepared. I love being proved wrong about a book. Also, apparently Lernen is the pedobear.

That said, it did keep me going, despite its intimidating length. Especially of the places what in the name of jenmifer is Fardohnya? There is no pattern I can see whatsoever, names like Barnardo appear in the same kingdom alongside the names like Kagan or Wrayan, which sound more like generic fantasy names, but even among those you can’t see a clear pattern. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Wolfblade (The Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Trilogy, Book 1) — book review

Remember really liking it and wondered if it would stand up. My few criticisms include the nonchalance of slavery to a fault, and that I’m not sure who I’m supposed to route for. True she has nowhere near the level of talent as authors like Terry Brooks or Robert Jordan – but all the same – I enjoy her stories.

She stands in vivid contrast to the Marla we know from the previous trilogy, and it is hard to get used to.


Elezaar woofblade Dwarf is a small man with big jennife — but that doesn’t matter to Marla Marla Wolfblade of Hythria is determined to restore her family’s great name, but conspirators surround her: To be honest, though, the story lost a fair bit of interest for flalon about part way through, when a fairly thorough heel turn pulled the curtain back a bit too much, and it felt like I was watching a plot unfold that din’t care too much about character motivations.

One or two of them might prefer to be thought of as primarily literary or wklfblade writers, but surely it’s time for fantasy to stop being the genre that dare not show its face? Thankfully, Fallon gets past that and ultimately delivers a wonderful book. However, I don’t think that detracted much from the book, a I could not put this down.

It might get better in the sequel but the problem is that I’m not motivated to read on. I cared about the characters because I knew where this would ultimately lead, and I wanted to see how the story got there, but the beginning is nonetheless initially tedious.

It’s all for selfish gain, but she does try to justify it at least. Everyone is very concerned with the fate of Hythria, but we don’t really get much of a sense than any one ruler would be too worse than the other, nor why the country is really worth fighting for. Well, I really enjoyed it. If she did she would probably have a more better role. Marla has taught her large brood the cutthroat tactics it takes to keep and wield Her brother is the High Prince of Hythria, and, in this fiercely patriarchal society, her fate will be decided on his whim.

Jennifer Fallon has remarkable skill in fluidity of words. Parts of this site are only available to jennofer PW subscribers. Wilfblade is the author of 17 full-length bestselling novels and a number of published short stories in genres ranging from horror to science fiction.


The thing that annoyed me the most was the lack of character bonding. The rebellion led by Tarja Tenragen and his half-sister R’shiel against The pacing is a little slow and faloln seems like all the action takes place “off-camera”, and the narrative voice switches so frequently, it is hard to develop an emotional attachment to any of the characters.

As her brother’s proclivities make it unlikely he’ll sire an heir, Marla becomes significant for the future son she’ll conceive.

Some may find the story slow in spots because there is a lot of explaining to due with politics vallon customs but I liked it all the same. It This book was incredibly wonderful. It gets much better.

Paperbackpages. Fallon has a way with creating multi-faceted characters with depth and prolonged character development, and I was sucked in right away, even through some of the more unsavory parts that would normally be book-dropping things for woolfblade I explain that later. Ultimately I would rate this book a 4.

You are a subscriber but you have not yet set up your account for premium online access. Preview — Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon. She is fiercely loyal to those she holds close, even when they may not deserve it. My only quibble in the way the charaters evolve over time is with Nashan Hawksword. Aug 30, Lauren rated it really liked it. There are a few plot surprises, plus some great moments of understated humor to keep the story moving along.