Often deemed unstageable, Artaud’s short play Jet of Blood, or Spurt of Blood as it is sometimes known, was written in , but not performed. bites the gigantic wrist, and a spurt of blood splashes across the stage before all Densely packed as it is, Artaud’s Jet de Sang can be read aloud in about five. Jet of Blood, adapted from Antonin Artaud, directed by Olivia Allen. Designed by Adam Gardnir, lighting by Luke Hails, sound by Hayley.

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I think also that Artaud’s writings, like some other modernists the Futurists, for example, or Ezra Pound’s support of Fascism have some uncomfortable implications.

Maybe he felt insecure directing a show that was funny start to finish. With the help of movement, sound, light, songs and music, tableaus evolve around the themes of falsehood and reality, dread and denial, love and cruelty, life and death.

But the humor isn’t all in the Monty Python vein. Subscribe to this thread:. On this experience alone you conclude that Abu Ghraib is the ultimate Artaudian theatre. So I suppose to answer your question – How does one realise Antonin Artaud on stage?

The Spurt of Blood | Performing Arts Review | Chicago Reader

It is possible to think of the theatrics of torture in Abu Ghraib – the posing for photographs, the obliterating of the human body, the totalising word, the sexual loathing – as the ultimate Artaudian theatre.

The performers are impressive, meeting the challenges of this production with polished physical skills and commitment. The Chicago company is looking for a way to survive artauc a changing world. You have obviously read more criticisms on Artaud than actual writings by Artaud. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe.

Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Je It is argued that the ruin left in the wake of this destruction is not the ultimate goal.

This page aartaud last edited on 1 Septemberat The Young Man and the Whore are still alive and they are mid-coitus and eating each other with their eyes.

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Perhaps the most telling symptom is the lack of disgust in this boood. The Young Man is afflicted by these visions of a demented world while he is asleep; this leaves an exit for all of us, since all he has to do is to wake up. Making Artaud is, in many ways, also an unmaking of Artaud.

For all that, Jet of Blood is never boring and adtaud us glimpses of true theatrical flair. An experiment in visual dramaturgy and repetition rituals; an exploration of emotions in a dark, open space.

Jet of Blood – Wikipedia

Posted by Alison Croggon at 3: Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man: Challenging, stringent avant chamber play. Turning the lights up on the audience, for example, felt like an obvious gesture, whereas the same action in Stuck Pigs Squealing’s Lally Katz and the Terrible Mysteries of the Volcanoa show that scraped the raw nerves of the subconscious, was genuinely discomforting. Critics Disturbing dreamscapes make up a fierce short story … dark and misty, like the anxiety Artaud himself must have experienced.

In Ennui’s god-awful production, things go wrong even when they go right: Switch to the mobile version of this page.

In turn, she bids God leave her and she bites the wrist of the hand, sending an immense jet of blood across the stage. In highlighting this hypocrisy, Artaud subverts innocence and love so that they become depravity, lust, and fear.

The characters of the Knight and the Nurse or Wet-Nurse enter. Aratud original title was Jet de Sang ou la Boule de Verrebut the second half of the title was dropped prior to the first publication and production of the work.

Though the play was not produced until by Peter Brook and Charles Marowitz years after Artaud’s death, scholars have called the work a “landmark in Artaud’s development” and a major influence on the theater of the absurd. La Boule de Verre has many apparent correlations with Jet de Sang.

The references used may be artadu clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and blokd. The 30 pieces—plus five online-only exclusives—selected for this year’s issue.

B,ood Sharon Johnson Flexibility is paramount in a show such as Spurt of Blood. It certainly marks the debut of a promising new company, and I’ll watch their evolution with interest.


The Spurt of Blood

I suffer from a horrible sickness of the mind. The lights come up and almost everyone is dead and scattered across the stage. Of course, even without embellishment this baffling, grandiose play sounds like satire. But Artaud straight is a phenomenon that is, ultimately, unassimilable. By Reader staff Associating gluttony and lust, sex and violence, even innocence and swinishness, The Spurt of Blood attacks the senses with bizarre sights and sounds as it reaches toward our subconscious impulses and fears.

Modern man, claimed Fromm, is unable to sustain the spiritual autonomy granted only recently by the fall of God, and seeks comfort in modern patterns of submission. By doing something else.

To be fair, not even Artaud could realise Artaud; his own productions in Paris in the s were dismal failures.

‘The importance of unusual theatre’: An interview with the director of Spurt of Blood

The “cruelty” he demanded from theatre had an austerely moral purpose. A powerful dramatic performance satiated with expressiveness … comes rarely close to the French theatre legend Antonin Artaud. The premise of Carlisle and Woolston’s adaptation is that a troupe of incompetent actors called the Art for Art Madrigals, led by an ineffectual martinet of a director, Clive Ennui played by Woolstonhave decided to perform Artaud’s impossible play.

By Valya Lupescu The Priest asks the Young Man about his corporeal body, and the Young Man replies by turning the conversation back to God. In one scene, for example, the notoriously misogynistic Artaud describes how scorpions are supposed to emerge from under the dress of a wet nurse and “swarm into her sex.

Sign up to our Newsletter. I think it says something that something written in feels so new, and also that something written in has never been done before.