THE EAST COAST HAD LES PAUL. Perhaps the West Coast’s answer to the guitar kingpin was Jimmy Wyble. Wyble, who passed away. The right and left hand fingerings presented in this book were also developed as techniques needed to improvise jazz in two lines. Jimmy uses. As many of you know Jimmy Wyble passed away in early January of just a If you don’t have Jimmy’s book – “The Art of Two Line Improvisation” – it is now.

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If you like what you see on this site, then this book will be very necessary to developing these contrapuntal skills. This collection of etudes, written during the ‘s, was composed as a result of Jimmy Wyble’s explorations into the musical worlds of counterpoint, harmony and chord melody improvisation for the jazz guitar.

Art of Two-Line Improvisation, the : Jimmy Wyble :

You will be notified when new files have been added to this site. Etude 26 is probably one of Jimmy’s last compositions. If you are having trouble opening or downloading this file, please contact us. He tried using computers and cell phones but soon got rid of all of it including his television and focused all of his attention where he truly wanted it to be and that was on his guitar.

The right and left hand fingerings presented in this book were also developed These are five of my favorite Jimmy Wyble licks and my goal for this packet is to help you learn how to incorporate these ideas into your playing. If the book “The Art of Two Line Improvisation” is challenging to you, then tge material is a must have.

This lesson confirms this. Jimmy’s Sketchbook – Sound Files.

This broken chord technique creates a unique contrapuntal sound that separates Jimmy from the rest of the fingerstyle tdo-line guitar world. Etudes 1 through 6 were originally published by Jimmy Wyble in a book called Classic Country. The right and left hand fingerings presented in this book immprovisation also developed as techniques needed to improvise jazz in two lines. Please click the link above to listen to sound files of the some of the examples. Once it is downloaded to your computer, double-click the file to open.


The Art of Two-Line Improvisation – JIMMY WYBLE – Google Books

It is very large and will take a few moments of your time. It will literally take years to go through everything. If you are new to this style of playing, then this packet will be a great lesson to begin with. These exercises were developed by Jimmy to help develop the technique and musicianship of his students to play his etudes.

Be sure to listen to his recording in the the sketchbook sound files. We owe the thanks for that event to Larry Koonse and Brandon Bernstein. These are my notes from another lecture from his series at Musicians Institute. All the music in these volumes will be either composed and worked out by Jimmy himself or a transcription that Jimmy has personally approved both the fingering and notation.

Thank you for your support of this information and I look forward to hearing from you. This is the program from a memorial celebration honoring the life of Jimmy Wyble held at Vittelo’s jazz club on April 17, Many people told him about the lessons that are posted here and he was very proud of what I had done even though I don’t think that Jimmy ever personally saw my website.

Jimmy also gave me some more material to add to this packet that he didn’t have a chance to work on that day as well as material that he would like to have added to this packet from a previous course that he taught at GIT in the ?

This information has never been published although it was used back in the late 70’s as curriculum for GIT in Hollywood. Stock varies by site and location. Not a valid email.


Art of Two-Line Improvisation, the

Account Options Sign in. US Customers International Customers. I took this concept and tried it out against different harmonies, keys and tonal centers. I would like to encourage you to make this book part of your library.

Harmonic Comparisons – Sound Files. Jimmy’s Sketchbook – Sound Files Jimmmy to a new section titled: Written in notation and tablature. Concepts for the Classical and Jazz Guitar Author: Jimmy didn’t have much use for anything that kept him from his guitar. Please take a jmmy to add your e-mail address to my mailing list.

I hope that these concepts will spark your creativity in your practicing. This is a arrangement Jimmy did in the early ‘s written by the music director for the Flip Improvisayion show.

A Lesson from Jimmy Wyble. This lesson takes a simple C major triad and alters it and sends in through a cycle. These new harmoni c sounds combined with beautifulmelodies will inspire any quitarist to new levels of musical creativity.

This book has been out of print for over three decades. You can find out more about.

Access to online audio available for download. There are many references in the manuscript to the contrapuntal tbe but not to the actual Two Line Improvisation book. Harmonic Comparisons – Sound Files Harmonic Comparisons is a new lesson from Jimmy that adds yet another level of understanding to how Jimmy analyzes his lines and uses them. It is hoped that jazz and jimy guitarists playing and working through these etudes will see many familiar chord shapes moving in new ways and creating new sounds.

A lesson from Jimmy Wyble March 6,