‘Radical Evolution’. By JOEL GARREAU JULY 3, . The people you will meet in Radical Evolution are testing these fundamental. Taking us behind the scenes with today’s foremost researchers and pioneers, bestselling author Joel Garreau shows that we are at a turning point. Radical Evolution has ratings and 52 reviews. It’s by Joel Garreau, a Washington Post writer who wrote two books I enjoyed immensely: The Nine Nations.

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AKA transhumanism v bioconservatism. The book was very though provoking, and as I mentioned in my full blog, I was glad I read FutureHype first. While he offers an opinion now and then, he makes sure that all sides and views are represented.

Prime Minister Blair joined the…. Not only does he summarize his own introduction to the issue and his research process, he outlines three scenarios for our biologically-enhanced future. After the above indoctrination to the different technologies coming on board Mr.

The book talks about early one of the greatest advancements a evo,ution monkey whose brain is hook up to several computers using nano technology. From the Hardcover edition. If the brightest minds of our world are actively and admittedly trying to accomplish this, perhaps it is too late, at least for them.

Cyber-security and Threat Politics: But he maintains a journalistic neutrality in presenting alte Garreau’s thesis that human evolution is being fundamentally altered by technology is fascinating and, I believe, well supported.

Jan 30, Janice rated it really garraeu it Shelves: Yet he never wonders about the implications of this for his various future scenarios. This book is all about humans essentially becoming Gods.

Oct 21, M.

Joel Garreau No preview available – Garreau falls into a pattern: Well-researched, and beautifully written, Joe Garreau brings rradical well-honed journalism skills to bear on the most vexing question humankind has ever faced: Return to Book Page. However, one comes away with the strong suspicion that Garreau isn’t presenting these three as possible futures, but rather as a kind of Hegelian “thesis — antithesis — synthesis.


Radical Evolution – Wikipedia

Through advances in genetic, robotic, information and nanotechnologies, we are altering our minds, our memories, our metabolisms, our personalities, our progeny—and perhaps our very souls. I’m no Okay, I guess there was some “evolution” to this, but I kind of would have been more interested in the discussion of gene radjcal or selection and what kind of different types would be used first, stuff like that.

I have ordered this book for family members, as I think it evilution quite thought provoking. Cuttlefish and skin that communicates, the repercussions i Fascinating and insightful. Garreau writes that the increasing rate at which scientists are identifying genome components could result in longer lifespans for humans, less disease, and stronger bodies, among other breakthroughs.

Inventing the Future at M. What I liked about Garreau’s approach here is that evolutoin groups it into the dystopian, the utopian, and the mixed or balanced views. I recommend PearceBostromor Sandberg.

Sep 27, Saleh MoonWalker rated it really liked it Shelves: Inspired by Your Browsing History. Taking us behind the scenes with today’s foremost researchers and pioneers, Garreau reveals that the super powers of our comic-book heroes already exist, or are in development in hospitals, labs, and research facilities around the country hoel from the revved up reflexes and speed of Spider-Man and Superman, to the enhanced mental acuity and memory capabilities of an advanced species.

Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau | : Books

You really should read something on the ethics of these technologies: Heaven, Hell, Prevail, and Transcend. Nov 06, Connor rated it liked it. Garreau walks us through some of the human-enhancing technology already in existence or just around the corner, then lays out the competing views of some philosophers, engineers and scientists who think it’s going to either save us, destroy us all, or force us to adapt in new and interesting ways. Over the next fifteen years, Garreau makes clear, these enhancements will become part of our everyday lives.

Also, with the idea of what that means, and then what it means to be human hence the splurge on the title. Garreau talks about Moores Law, which he says is the reason that electronics capacity doubles every 18 months, and this time fram will Whew! Funny now this book already feels kind of dated, and not because we have advanced any closer to the “singularity” since it was published, but because it’s occasional outbursts of gee-whiz enthusiasm seem a product of a different time.


If you love science fiction, then you probably enjoy thinking about the future. The author also discussed the “Singularity”, which Time magazine featured a few weeks ago. This book discusses our potential future as humans and the technology that will shape our future.

Radical Evolution

Life might continue largely as it has been, allowing for changes along the way. It offers on one end extreme hope and on the other extreme despair. Garreau explores a topic close to my heart, but spends a lot of time on the personalities involved in the work or crying hoel about the work without spending enough time on the work itself.

There was an error processing your purchase. Mar 20, Dennis rated it liked it.

It definitely helps you open your mind to some interesting possibilities for how life and human nature could change over the next few decades. President Clinton announced the completion of the mapping of the human genome. In Radical Evolution, bestselling author Joel Garreau, a reporter and editor for the Washington Post, shows us that we are at an inflection point in history.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Joel Garreau talked about his book Radical Evolution: Apr 17, Dennis W rated it really liked it Shelves: Radical Evolution is both fascinating and frightening.

Like all of Garreau’s books, written a bit breezily but contains solid, thought-provoking material.